Thursday, 23 May 2013

Retro tag clothing

(Disclaimer NOT a sponsored post)

I have recently found this fantastic brand owned by a friend of mine. Currently they are doing some fantastic tee-shirts that are simple and effective.

The lady in question is  unique, funny and ingenious. She was telling me about this brand a while ago and I have been desperate to get my hands on the merchandise since! They have a fantastic key print tee that will be mine when I get around to ordering it.

She was telling me about hat she wanted in her clothes and what she likes in brands. I admire her style and general attitude. So I have fallen in love with the Brand. It has a simple and diverse aesthetic and once it grows will diversify and will move into a whole range of different wardrobe lusts! I have been told they are looking to expand into accessories and look to more non logo'd stuff and establish the brand beyond just t-shirts. The brand is strong and urban, it reflects well on the founder because she is a strong person. They are establishing their logo and reputation. Their slogan be part of the pack is perfect because it invites you to be a part of a unique and individual brand idea.
After talking at great length about it she answered many of my questions about the brand and what they represent and she answered as below.
"We are about being part of something our motto if you like is “Part of the Pack” we want people to be part of something but still be individual, our current range are simple tees that can be worn with pretty much anything and the idea is just that, clothing that you can make a statement, make your own and still be part of something new."
This is why I am drawn to the label because it holds true to the ideas I have about fashion and style and how we express ourselves through out clothes. The fact that something so simple has grown out of a simple need for something not found on the high street.

"The idea came around whilst trying to find some quite simple clothing items which could not be found anywhere; soon I was designing what I wanted and other ideas came to mind. I then made the decision to make a business of it as people around me liked the ideas I had and wanted one of their."

This cross key tee is on my want list!

you can find it here part-of-the-pack-tee they do men's as well!

Designed by the founder, she has a strong and fun way of bringing what she wants whilst making it available to everyone. In a day and age of fast fashion and cheap choices, it is fantastic to find independent brands who have their own identity.

Like Brands like Olive and Frank and everours it is something fun, fearless and worth embracing.
The tees are great value the sizing is good and the fabric is great. It is hard to find a good quality cotton when looking for stuff.

It is great to have brands like this to choose from and I cannot wait to see this expand into other items and grow as a brand and hopefully will be on our highstreet soon!

I am part of this pack for sure.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pop art attack!

Zaap! Pow! Bang!

Pop art is a fantastic energetic and diverse art movement that has been adopted through fashion. 
I am a large fan of Pop art through its cultural significance and what it did for art and how it has been integrated into mainstream culture. I have loved its imagery since I was young especially Roy Lichtenstein.
I have had various things with this comic book style of his that is most famous and replicated. 
I have seen many jumpers and dress with words on them and the odd comic book print but nothing that caught my eye until I was in the new local revamped Topshop. I love combing art and fashion!

I already own a few things in the style my favourites are a long lost top and a pair of limited addition Converse high tops. I recently found a Topshop pencil skirt that I loved straight away and it was a good value for £28 but more than I want to spend on a skirt. (now sold out everywhere)

It is a rather fantastic skirt, the style is simple and straight forward but it is crazy and fun. it looks amazing on
this young lady

I decided to find something that was more me. I love the aesthetic of the skirt but wanted more of a face and comic book.

I was browsing eBay and found these

I found a cheaper price for the one on the left which I bought.

I cannot wait to wear it. I like that it has more colour to it and the blond woman's face. This is a style that will continue to influence me for many years. I saw the Lichtenstein retrospective in that Tate Modern last month and loved every moment of indulging in the amazing work.

So indulge yourself in some art history and snap up something fun and enticing into your wardrobe!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Shoes always have a story to tell...

My name is Sarah and I am a shoe addict.

I know I have written about my love for shoes many times on this blog I have also said I think you can tell a person by their shoes. I wanted to write a post about why I love shoes, Carrie Bradshaw was always running around wearing amazing shoes. Many celebrities get access to many fantastic shoes as well. Many women love certain things in fashion, dresses, handbags, jewellery. Mine is shoes, they can make or break an outfit. They have the ability to lift up your mood and make you feel like the most special person in the world, they can make you feel like you're walking on air.

Enough of that, they can also make you annoyed because of blisters and pain. I have always considered shoes can be a work of art, I featured a pair in my A-level final exam piece because of this belief. How can something that literally carries you everywhere be ignored so readily?

I know another few friends who are fellow shoe devotees and they understand my reasoning and agree with my thinking and obsession. My particular taste runs into bright colours, impractical materials and high heels. gem stone embellishments, gleaming satins and soft suede. A delicate strap here and a chunky platform there.
I love glitter and certain colours, I have had ruby slippers but they aren't the same as sapphire blue. Leopard calfskin, lovely suede in nude, blue and black.
I said in the title the shoes have a story and they do! A wedding, a night out, a promotion at work!

How could you ever resist?

That is not to say, I only ever favour heels, there are many fun, cool flats among my shoe choices.
Is there ever a reason why we become attached to things? My tastes in shoes have changed as I have grown up, I still remember all my favourite pairs of which I have mentioned her already. It is not something a girl will forget.

Here are the best of my collection most have been acquired in the last year and as always it is love at first sight. I don't know what it is usually, colour is what I first spot but many things catch my attention, the finish, the decoration or a print.

I have slowly been acquiring lower heels and more womanly shoes. I do not follow trends just my heart to beauties like this.

Rose gold finish on nude suede with triple bow detail Topshop.

Leopard print on calf skin Topshop

Multi coloured suede jewel tones Topshop.

White satin swarovski embellishment

peacock blue pleated satin bow detail ASOS

multi coloured glitter on leather Topshop

Glitter silver/ blue sole Brantanos

Blue suede calf skin Schuh

two finishes on leather spikes Topshop

Suede dyed indigo pink heel Kurt Geiger

Teal blue satin ebay

and the newest to my collection my beautiful glittery shoes.........*drum roll*

So there are some of the jewels in what I call my shoe collection. They are so pretty and I cannot wait to to wear them and induce shoes envy ;)
Enjoy :)