Sunday, 29 September 2013

a few home DIYs

Me and Mr have been busy today working on tidying up and changing some items from around the house.

These were a new stool bought from the Swindon John Lewis outlet, it is a teal blue stool, I have wanted for ages. That is the thing about some outlet shops you spot something and its there when you go back. It's fate! Now I am sure you're well aware blue is my favourite colour and I like it as a compliment in most interiors. I do not like full on wall to wall, however I do like hints of it. It adds warmth and depth to a space.

So this particular piece of furniture had several nasty chips and the paint was missing. it was only £9. I took some sand paper to it to even out the chips and make it more distressed. It was then worked with wet sand paper to polish it, then spray on lacquer was applied to give it a smooth shine.

These are pictures of the finished article, I am really pleased with it, I know I would be unable to match the original colour, so the Husband suggested furthering the distressed effect. I love it! (and am very grateful for his help)

I think this will look fantastic in our new home.

The next item that was done was an old gilded mirror, it was a present to my parents back in 1999, it was given to me in 2009, when me and Ash rented our first house. It was looking a bit naff so we decided to repaint it when we moved. Ash suggested white or black, I preferred black (secretly wanted blue). So as I was doing my stool today he suggested we do it blue.

 This is the before picture
 In progress

and this is the finished product!

It was sanded before being painted, the mirror was taped up with newspaper and masking tape to protect it.

we used this enamel paint it was picked out last year for another idea entirely.

So two new items and some time and nothing has been spent but time!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Revamped 1980s dress

In May I bought a polyester dress from ebay for £4.00, it originally had a high necked Victorian collar, long sleeves and feel to mid calf and frankly it as hideous! I did like the deep royal blue colour and the pleated details to the front, so I decided on buying it for a project.

Last week I found it whilst packing stuff upcoming for our house move. I tried it on and it did not look to bad but it needed changing. I know some people consider it a crime to alter or change old clothing to newer tastes but hey. I promise I don't hack every vintage dress I find. Only one other dress has been altered and considering it was a home made piece I found at a fair for £1.00, I am sure no-one will begrudge me one altered dress!

I cut out the collar and added a zip, I changed the neckline to a boat neck and cut and turned up the sleeves. Finally I cut half of the skirt and made it above the knee.

I do love the finished product, all hemmed using tape because of the type of material.

I cannot wait to wear it!