Date night cookbook review

I was recently lucky enough to be selected  to review the fantastic new book by Rebecca Warbis. When I was contacted by Rebecca I was struck by how lovely she is and congratulations on your first book, I hope to see many more in the future!

I am a big fan of cooking for others. Sadly this activity has been limited of late due to our extension and a general lack of a full kitchen!

I got cracking with this lovely book, I ended up making the campfire jackets, and after dinner s'mores. (I even changed my weekly nachos after reading this) I am happy to say both went down very well.

At present I am limited to an oven for cooking so what I have made was driven by this. I adore the recipes and the date themes it made me smile. If you wanted you could go all out and decorate according to the theme.

What struck me about this book over a lot of cook books I have, is that it's simply laid out but it's also very pretty, the recipes are straight forward and fun. I love the photographs and typography used.

I feel like its the ultimate bloggers cook book because of all of the amazing graphics. It's a small book so you could very easily throw it in your bag for a weekend away.

The date themes the food is based around is adorable and I cannot wait to make some more of the  recipes and have more romantic evenings with my husband.

I would highly recommend this lovely book, it would make a great gift in times for valentines day or as something to have for a quiet evening in with your partner.

You can get it on Amazon!

I*Please note this book has been gifted to me for the purpose of the review all opinions are my own.


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