Monday, 2 January 2017

Goals for 2017

This is what I want to achieve in 2017.

Better health

Being organised and productive.

Spend more time with my friends.

Listen to more music.

Read New books.

Have more days out.

Enjoying the time I spend at home.

Being happier with my lot in life.

Lose weight and be active.


The last 12 months were interesting. Overall it was a mixed bag of things. My home is on track to be finished.

I've enjoyed more time with my husband and family. I've been ill with odd infections.

This year, I want more adventures and to enjoy my time away from work. I intend to have more spontaneously unplanned days out.
I'm going on holiday somewhere nice.

Overall I want this year to be more about what I want and need. I'm fed up of worrying about everything and everyone else instead of me and my husband.

I'm also going to spend more time doing things I enjoy instead of being on the internet constantly.

Blue glitter will get more updates as well.

Here's to 2017