This is a first for me! I have had blogs that are just disjointed ramblings with no real purpose but this one is a personal project I have had on the brain for a while!

I enjoy fashion, from a creative and functional point of view. When looking at things people wear I do not think about it from the usual point of view, you would I look at the possibilities of what an outfit could do!

I never buy anything without considering several options in my wardrobe it will go with first!

Though sometimes there are just pieces you fall in love with and keep forever.

Things like that are priceless, this blog is not about my daily outfits or to tell what I alone think.

I am interested in so many things the main being how people are themselves through what they wear and why?

That is my main obsession about fashion what drives the person wearing it, trends that are set by designers and the high street.

Is it about fitting into what everyone in your life is doing or about being yourself?

When I get dressed in the morning my outfit is dictated by my mood, my wardrobe might not be that of a diva proportions but it is of a respectable size!

I am not your average when it comes to clothes, many things inspire my taste, like the restrictions of my figure and height but I adapt to that! (Heels are among my many obsessions!)

What I want to achieve here is what I used to do when I was working in fashion retail, is to help people see the potential of what they can do with fashion if they can see versatility and think outside of what they would usually do with their clothes!

Look at all possibilities and make them your own because it is what you want.

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