Creativity is an odd and amazing thing. It can drive you to the brink of destruction and also be the soothing balm to your soul.

I fell like creating things has long been an addiction of mine. Painting, sewing clothes for my Barbies when I was young, it is something that has been in my blood for so long it's a part of my identity as a person.

I love the feeling of release and satisfaction I get after something is completed. How I can smile knowing when I wear something I have customised it's mine and it is unique.

I love beautiful things and also rescuing things from being ruined.

Painting for me is communicating to the rest of the world the riot of colour that is my soul.

I breathe art, fashion and anything creative because of the challenge and thought it needs. The problem solving and patience involved. I need this because I thrive on the knowledge I can do these things that to me are simple because of years of practice that others think are beautiful and fun.

Anyone can draw but not everyone can create!
It is a bad thing to say buut having skill does not equal imagination.

No great designer ever got what they have through just being good at making clothes, they had to creat something that made their brand its own.

Look at Blanik or Louboutin or Mcqueen.
Genuis is rarely realised at first glance.

Give me some paint or something to make or customise and I will be happy for life

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