a blue dress happened

I haven't posted in a while because I have not had anything I really wanted to say and I don't want to write rubbish.

I was mooching various online places for a new dress for my Christmas party. I found nothing at all I was so disappointed. I was trawling ASOS market place looking thorough the vintage of boutique 73 and stumbled across the most amazing vintage dress. I had to get it! It was not for the party but because it would make an excellent piece to own and I had to own it. I had this back in April when I bought a lovely 70s maxi dress from urban outfitters sale. It was in such a sad state I nearly walked away from it, something made me try it on (I nearly lost it too another girl who went off to find her friend to show her!) I tried it and fell in love. The state of it was poor, the stitching on the bust was completely gone and a large part of the back was ripped open. It took hours to hand sew it back up and reinforce all the other seams but it was worth it. I then tackled the biro ink stains it had all over once finished it was in a lovely state. I know the style is old fashioned but I love it because it has a history and just needed some love! It is not a colour that really suits my pale skin and it is very long but I still love it. There is something about the dress it is girly and why buy something reproduction when I can have something original and that is more me. I like to be different and to stand out its just part of my personality. Some people really love this dress others hate it. Someone actually did say to me when I was telling them about the effort involved repairing it they said why bother you could buy something new!

It just wouldn't be the same and it annoys me because it is something ignorant and makes it pointless and goes against my ideas about clothes and stuff generally. If you really love something you should look after it. Holly from this morning had a vintage dress she loves so much she had it taken apart and a copy made to conserve the original.

This is the dress it is a salmon pink and is polyester as a lot of dresses were in the 1970's it was so worth rescuing.

The dress I bought I just fell for its colour and the cut! I have not yet received but I cannot wait to get my hands on it. The style is retro but completely original and it falls in perfectly with the 70's glamour studio 54 feel and I love that! I am thinking of rocking it with suede black wedge boots and my trusty leather jacket that I live and die in. what is there not to love? The colour and the cut are amazing and I adore the sleeves it is so funky! Accessorise it up and it will look funky.

So many clothing companies use things like these to inspire their new collections and for reference! They are both very different but I love them for the same reason and they are something worth having just for the history and having a chance to give them a new lease of life for a few years. The boutique I bought it from has a shop in Milton Keynes and I am dying to go there and have a session among the rails! Their stuff is such good value I cannot believe it some vintage is so expensive!

Here is a picture of the new blue dress (please note that is the model wearing it)

I am not a snob about clothes, I value quality and unusual and lovely things. I have always been like this because have two very love unique sisters who are fantastic and stylish and are fearless in their styles. Louise is funky and eclectic with fab hair and trendy but with a twist style. Claire is rockier but with a vintage style twist. They both taught me the best of what I know.

I blame my lovely sister Claire for her love of all things 1970's that always inspires me, I remember her shirts and shaggy coats always rocking British airways flight bags and funky trainers and the flares! The style was unique and so cool, I adored it I did then and still do now. They made me proud to be different and embrace unusual things and to be fearless and to know the value of a great piece! I have many of the things Claire used to wear. My favourites are an old afghan coat, a blue wide collared shirt with pin tuck ruffles and an old bottle green blazer my mother used to own.

Even now they still inspire me.

They have always been so different and that's why I love them and I wouldn't be half the person I am with out them! Claire taught me to love DIY my clothes and jewellery. Louise taught me the way to be trendy. Using these I have carved out my own taste. I love it when they say its not me but it's a very Sarah thing! This is always funny at least I can trust them for advice! I can't wait to own this beautiful dress because my wardrobe needs it, I want the dress to arrive asap I can't wait any longer please send it!

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