Wednesday, 30 March 2011

fashion past and present!

Fashion is important even if not in the context it is put across. How we define our personalities is through what we own and wear as well as through our personalities people use the outside as an extension of themselves even if not concious of this process.

I find fashion facinating how it is fluid and ever changing how what it is defined as and how it is represented through clothing and art and how it translate through from an idea to a garment to the catwalk and then down to the high street. How people adapt it to themselves some people engluf themselves in these things with out concious thought to what they want.

Others who try to defy what is considered to be the norm of trends and how to dress.
It is not down to what magazines think or what your best friend does, it is about you and what you want and what you are about.

What do yu think when you are buying clothes or getting dressed in the morning?
What do your clothes mean to you or how do you want to look?

I know sme people reading this might think who cares?
I do frequently!

If you are like me I am obsessed with clothes and the process of fashion. Though it is not always about the final product but about the creative process and the influences this is something from an artist point of view I am anmoured with.

I started seriously thinking about how I wanted to dress when I was 19 I wanted to have that carefree 1960s mary quaint style of dressing.
I tried to do this on a budget whilst maintainging the oddness of how I dress as well. I wanted to start investing in pieces I could keep for a lon time that would translate easily with out looking outdated.

My first was a knee length sinle brested funnel necked houndstooth jacket. I loved it!
I got it for a bargain of £55 it was expensive to me at the time because I only had my part time job I waited for it to get cold for me to justify wearing it.

This is something I have since tried do so since. I gave up wantng to buy rubbish stuff that falls a part. I learned that art of shopping in cahrity shops and borrowing my older sisters clothes and not returning them. They both heavily influenced what I liked in clothes. My oldest sister was a child of the 90s grunge era her love of retro indie t-shirts old flight bags and rock music is something I have taken to heart. My middle sister is very much into trends that are current and into her dance and drum and bass music.

I am somewhere in between these two extremes.

I think about many things, colour, style, structure. why it appeals to me how will I wear it.

Tell me what influences you?

Why what is it you are looking for?

Sunday, 13 March 2011


This is a first for me! I have had blogs that are just disjointed ramblings with no real purpose but this one is a personal project I have had on the brain for a while!

I enjoy fashion, from a creative and functional point of view. When looking at things people wear I do not think about it from the usual point of view, you would I look at the possibilities of what an outfit could do!

I never buy anything without considering several options in my wardrobe it will go with first!

Though sometimes there are just pieces you fall in love with and keep forever.

Things like that are priceless, this blog is not about my daily outfits or to tell what I alone think.

I am interested in so many things the main being how people are themselves through what they wear and why?

That is my main obsession about fashion what drives the person wearing it, trends that are set by designers and the high street.

Is it about fitting into what everyone in your life is doing or about being yourself?

When I get dressed in the morning my outfit is dictated by my mood, my wardrobe might not be that of a diva proportions but it is of a respectable size!

I am not your average when it comes to clothes, many things inspire my taste, like the restrictions of my figure and height but I adapt to that! (Heels are among my many obsessions!)

What I want to achieve here is what I used to do when I was working in fashion retail, is to help people see the potential of what they can do with fashion if they can see versatility and think outside of what they would usually do with their clothes!

Look at all possibilities and make them your own because it is what you want.