2012 a few ideas and a new start

Recently I have been having a good long think about a lot of things I would like to change and things I would like to do and what I have not been doing enough of. I made a list of things to do for the year it made me feel motivated and excited! For Christmas I got a sewing machine alas it was faulty and has gone back but the replacement is on its way but it got me thinking about what I could do with it!

I started with several ideas for projects the first was a dress I was bought for my birthday last year it really is a lovely dress I liked it because of the unusual fabric. It is a woven tapestry on a light brown background there are roses in chocolate brown and chrysanthemum green it really is such a gorgeous fabric the fluid way the light catches really is something. The dress is a bubble hem and it had a strapless bodice which I intend to turn into a top when I get my replacement sewing machine!

I promise to put up photos of it when I do the individual post for it! I was all set to sew the dress into a skirt (I cut the bodice off and hemmed the waistband and lining) sadly the machine left me down but I did it by hand instead (I just need to lose the Christ pounds for it to be a perfect fit!)

I next decided that the bags I mentioned on my facebook page a few months back I could actually start making! I did a trail clutch made from pleather for a friend but it wasn't quite what I wanted and I know I have a lot to learn but it was a satisfying experiment and she loved the bag! The lining is from a vintage dress I shortened to fit I didn't have the heart to get rid of the left over material when I know eventually I would find a use for it! Here are a few pictures of what it turned out like.

I intend to make myself a nice simple clutch soon!


I have recently been trying to find new ways of wearing things and keep finding very tempting items to buy and I have only given in twice! For a pair of wool teal blue tapered trousers and another 1970s vintage dress. I have officially cleared up my wardrobe and put everything in order so I can find it and wear it with ease it was lovely to sit and organise things and put stuff together as I was going along and to ferret out all the things I no longer wanted or wanted to change. I discovered several things through this process, I have many pairs of shoes several are unworn. I wear a lot of dresses and I have way too many scarves but I love them! I have decided to start wearing more high heels and not being quite so lazy in my dressing habits for work. I am going to start to wear make-up more often just for me and to not wear my hair up as much. I am also going to make more use of all the lovely jewellery I have amassed over the last few years it is criminal to let such beautiful things sit shut away in boxes. I was reading about Elizabeth Taylors auction of her amazing jewellery and how she would wear them for anything and it made me want to go out and wear my collection with pride and not worry about it!

I have mostly avoided the sales and I am proud of this it is good to curb my shopping habit. I have only bought what I needed thankfully!

The vintage dress I bought in the River Island in the sale I really didn't realise they sold vintage until now! What a beautiful dress! It is so hard to find nice vintage that fits all of me and not just a bit here than two big everywhere else! I have learned the trick is to go up 2 dress sizes than your size when buying vintage. (These dresses are mine because I love something unusual and with history and the outlandish pattern it is awesome!) I love the vibrant colour and pattern the flowers are lovely and it was only £15! It is a bit long but that's what I have high heels for that. The blue dress I mentioned in my previous post though it doesn't fit the model in the picture it fits me perfectly. The colour is a deep royal blue it was a bit stained when I got it but some oxi and Tesco stain remover and a 30 degree wash got it perfectly clean and lovely. I just need an excuse to wear it. The detail on it is fabulous and the sheer sleeves are cheeky but still modest. Thankfully whoever owned it was my height and it had been shorted and fits perfectly length wise I was really worried about this because I had bought it online! These kinds of things are one off items you cannot resist because if you walk away someone else will love it and you'll miss your chance!

I would not forgive myself for that!

I was reading an excellent post on the blog belonging to theBlogess and she wrong about the travelling red dress project and it really inspired me because so often we deny ourselves the things we want because we are told it's useless and not practical and you should not listen! If you want something beautiful or want to do something out of your sphere of experience do it and enjoy every second!

http://thebloggess.com/2010/05/the-traveling-red-dress/ here is the original post and it really made me smile!

I will be taking a leaf out of her book and try to be braver this year and happier in what I do in my life. I am creative and I want to start doing all the things I love I want to be able to use my new sewing machine I am so excited about all the ideas I have had and that I want to make! It will be a great way to discover new outlets for my creativity! I would love 2012 to be a year that makes a difference and that I remember for all the right reasons after a tough year before this one has started on a great note and I want it to continue that way.

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