Recently I have been pursuing my wardrobe and wondering what to do with certain items and what to wear them with? These got me thinking about what inspires me and where does that inspiration derive from and why do I refer back to these sources. One of the biggest sources of fashion for me is my oldest sister. She was a teenager of the 90's grunge scene she rocked all the essentials from the music to the wardrobe. I was only 8 or 9 but I remember being so envious of her velvet blazers and music posters. She seemed so grown up and I was still playing with Barbie. It was the era of saved by the bell and Nickelodeon. Watching stuff like Sabrina the teenage watch and sister, sister made me want to be a teenager so I could be at high school as well and wear all the cool outfits.

It got me thinking after reading that the trend of 90s has been revived in a big way and it made me remember those years of being a kid and watching the world of a teenager. I never really appreciated it the struggle to be "cool" or to get the guy you fancied or to fit in. I grew up in the new millennium and the ideal had shifted it was about wanting to be like Britney Spears. That idea of culture and the under current that propelled the grunge movement had been replaced by a vapid and silly bubblegum pop. The idea of the fashion has come back and has now been adopted by a whole new generation but musically the message isn't there. It like many aspects of fashion the aesthetic has been adopted but the social context is lost.

In the same way I aspired to be cool like what I saw in those programs and on the surface of my sisters day to day life I missed the context.

When she left school and went to college, she still continued to inspire me with her love of 1970s shirts, afghan jackets and paisley (and flares so wide my middle sister and I could fit into a leg each!) She dressed me for a non uniform day once in a long black skirt, platform trainers and a banana splits t-shirt with wooden beads. It went hand in hand with the more indie tamed down version of grunge of the late 1990's. It was the first time I had ever worn something that wasn't de rigor, in my world of being 11 years old. The kids made fun of me but I loved it because it was like my big sister.

She was always different, in the best possible way by being herself. She taught me how to customise folders and note books with collage and fake fur. She did a folder cover with a leopard style print faux fur and I used the rest to make a soft toy out of. I adopted the idea of customising stuff from her I would spend ages covering my school books and year planner in stuff cut from magazines or doodling stuff on the inside covers. She brought a lot of things into my sphere of understanding and we have some fantastic things in common from a direct shared knowledge or have discovered them independently only to find, we both love them. These include pin up artists, certain bands, and various designers. She is eclectic in the same way liking things off the beaten track. She taught me to love books and enjoy music.

I was inspired to revive my wardrobe recently because of reading the new trends and because my sister had suggested I make use of the mountains of clothes I have attained in recent years. I was wondering what I would achieve and what to do. I wanted to try some light layering but sadly the weather has put that idea on hold until it warms up.

I have tried some new things and I am really in love with some aspects of the "sports lux" idea. I am not into sportswear but the t-shirts oh I am in love I have bought two woven front with a cotton back from Topshop in black and white! Goodbye basic cotton I have forgotten you!

I always smile when I look at certain things I own because I have been given them from either of my sisters, jewellery, clothes, and shoes. I would never throw them out because they make me remember the things and times they have worn them. Good examples are; my mother bottle green velvet blazer handed down from my oldest sister, her 70s afghan coat and a cream shirt that has red splotches with shell like shapes all over it. My other sister has given me beautiful trinkets that always make me smile when I wear them. She has also inspired me with her energy and love of music and being at the forefront of popular. She was into trendy clothes and pop music and parties and seemed so grown up to me. Between them they have both inspired so many things in my taste and opinions I wouldn't be with out them!

The idea of the 90s grunge revival made me smile and for a minute and helped rediscover some happy times as a kid and appreciate what I didn't understand when I was little.

To enjoy the legacy the music and ideas left behind and be inspired and to watch a new generation absorb and make it their own. So bring in the maxi skirts, the velvet and checked shirts!

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