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Good day,

Today I wanted to share something different with you that I have not done on Blue Glitter but keep promising myself I would do. I usually tweet descriptions of my outfits and do the odd picture of shoes or a bag I have on and I love doing #todayimwearing.
When I started this blog I wanted to use it as a platform for expressing ideas about fashion, stylist ideas and shopping and show casing my DIY projects. One thing I admire about many bloggers is their confidence in outfit posting. I wanted Blue Glitter to be about more than just what I was wearing and what I wanted to buy. I have never been one t do things in the standard way and I am happy with that. Now Blue Glitter is approaching two years I wanted to start embracing some of the other original intentions I had for it and that included outfits.
Many of the clothes I wear are vintage and mostly from sales/ eBay/charity shops. I am unable to offer you where to shop what I have bought because I have had the item for years or they have sold out in store. I apologise in advance for this because I know many love to be able to shop looks they see. I do really do trends I just wear what I want.
So aside from the awkward photos below here is an over view of what I'm wearing
So after two years of being a faceless entity, here is my first ever outfit post (I know the pictures are bad and sadly yes I am really that pale IRL)
Some general details
I am wearing a Olive clothing black top bought not longer after they originally opened I love that its plain with a little bit of embellishment. I always enjoy wearing it because it can be worn so many ways (mostly it tames my crazy print trousers) Olive are a brand that originated in Cheltenham where I used to live and I literally am in love with their products, the only down side of being top heavy is many of their beautiful things are out of my sphere but I always come across quirky and lovely items from them. they are the best for good quality basics. Shop away here at

I am also wearing some recently acquired vintage print Topshop trousers from their sale last month at £10. I love the muted colours and the mixture of floral print and moths. I live for unusual details on clothing.
The trousers are something I had my eye on for a good few weeks. After the River Island scarf printed trousers found mid last summer it started a liking for printed trousers I have acquired many pairs I enjoy wearing with various items such as denim shirts/ vests and ballet pumps.
Unlike the many gorgeous bloggers I follow I'm short and a tad oddly built oh well.

 These are the cowboy boots I love the spikes and the shine/matte texture contrast and the noise they make when you walk. They were a good addition to my shoe collection. The elongated toes doe make your feet look a little bit longer though, I'm only a size 5 UK shoe.

The Jewellery shown the bracelet is a 1960s find from eBay it is very light and engraved on one side I have two the other is not as wide.

The ring is a deep pink tourmaline I don't usually wear much bright pink anything, its from Crystals who's having a sale on all silver rings both are sterling silver, I rarely wear non silver/gold jewellery. (Except big earrings)

This is something I would wear in a day to day basis. I'm at here in a velveteen oversized jumper over this outfit as I type (ah 1990's grunge I owe you so much).

Have a great Sunday see you soon.

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