Where does it all go?

Time it is a pesky thing, it slips by unnoticed and makes you often wonder where did they day go? It flies when you're having fun and drags when you want something over and recently I have noticed this!

I am currently planning a wedding and trying to get everything else in between sorted. Last weekend was the first time for some decent shopping in a while. Some of my 2013 resolutions involved better use of my wardrobe less shopping, more investment and more blogging. some of these are going well others not so much! I want more projects and more time at home because it feels like I am always rushing around and not always where I want to be.

That and also trying to be better and happier in what  I am and where I am going over the next how ever long. Some big changes have come afoot and the last few months have felt like never ending sleepless nights and work filled days, there has been so little time for family and stuff I enjoy because I have been simply worn out ill or busy playing catch up at home. I want to change this, I want to go back to enjoying my free time and not feeling constantly stressed and fed up!
So moving on from that recently I have exploring some new things I would like to try and things that would add to my wardrobe. I acquired this rather lovely clutch from Asos for £10. Sadly now sod out but the print matches one of my favoured tops and is a little bit quirky with out being to brash. (a good shopping find I was directed to recently http://www.everything5pounds.com/ a good place for quick fashion fix and doing trends on a budget!)

I have noticed a change in my preferences in the last few months, I have chosen less bold pieces and more laid back and simple items that are more usable on a day to day basis.
I have not given up my love of unusual crazy things just buying them for a while. Recently I have been indulging my love of feminine and soft fabrics in sheer creams and blacks. I love a good simple t-shirt in a soft jersey or woven cotton. Pair it with a chunky silver necklace or rose gold bracelet it just works. It is a good way of toning down printed trousers. In the beginning of the year I found a outlet for Ghost London and purchased a beautiful blue dress and oyster coloured tapered trousers that are so comfortable.

They are great with a fine knit jumper. Usually my working wardrobe consists of jumpers, lose shirts and loafers or pretty black dresses. I like to have easy pieces to throw on and go out the door in. I know it is lazy but it makes me happy.

If I can work in something with a bit of fun like a spiked colour or a pleather panel then I will. (Usually I just wear fun shoes to brighten it up a bit!) a little something that makes an ordinary outfit fun.

It is nice to have something simple that has the ability to be worn any way and can lift your mood. I have always been a fan of the clean aesthetic of white and monochrome and those who can make that simplicity look so effortless and expensive. Love Aesthetic does it brilliantly, alas white doesn't suit me to well and the slouchy/oversized look how ever fab, I need tailoring to not hide my frame.

next post will be my newest DIY make over of a kindle cover!

My wish list for the next while is
a baseball jacket
Glitter collar black shirt
Flat dolly shoes
Leopard loafers in pony skin
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