I can't see for the palms trees!

So life has been kind of crazy, new job, getting married this weekend, potential new house...
In a bid to make life affordable I have pretty much stopped shopping.

 This is not as strange as it would seem despite my utter love of bargains and new shiny things, I have relied on it cheering me up, I have fallen into the trap of shopping for the sake of it not because I need to and besides it generally drains my poor bank account.

I came to the agreement with my guy that I could buy one thing a month (he is helping me kick the habit!).
I have stayed to this quite well.

I won't be doing a monthly haul thing because it's just not me.

I would like to share with you some of the more weird and wonderful items of my wardrobe.

This new item is unusual because it is nothing like anything I own.

I was browsing the Topshop website a few weeks ago (no change there) when I found a rather none me sweatshirt. I know these have had a massive comeback for the whole 1980s/1990s revival but I have yet to have been ensnared by anything because generally the whole look is rubbish on myself.

Plus it reminds me to much of what I wore prior to secondary school.

I have no idea why I liked this item, the colour perhaps? or the fact it falls rather neatly into my obsession with palm tree print (I have no other palm tree printed items among my clothing) .

I love the beach, the peace and quiet and the sand, the shells and the sea. My idea of harmony is the beach; so palm trees appeal to me. (I have a small silver one on my charm bracelet to remind me of far away places I day dream of)
anyway I digress, I found this sweatshirt and as told not to get it by several people who judgement I trust more than my own but I couldn't leave it alone!

Like my creepers it just had me in its spell and I can't even wear it until the weather has cooled down but that didn't stop me! It is by Illustrated people reduced from £50 to £25 and I love how soft and the colour is more blue.

I have jeans and shorts all picked out to go with it. I couldn't leave it, I would have regretted it deeply, sad I know but I am happy, quality over quantity.
P.S I will be doing a bloggers sales soon!

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