So, I have not posted in a while.

Here's a catch up, moved into the new house just over a month ago and have generally been very busy unpacking and settling into a new routine.

Usually you look back at the year gone and wonder what you have achieved and where you want to go next?

Well here goes...

2013 as interesting, I was lucky to have so many fantastic things happen in a very short amount of time. Wedding, a new job and a new home.

All of these amazing things have really made a difference and have made me so happy! I achieved 95% of my goals for 2013, just not passing my driving test (it will be booked in next month.)

It has also been a year of illness and worry about my family and friends, it has been very sad at points, however as a particular lovely lady said to me (Oldest sister), don't worry about it, you can't undo what is out of your control!

I agree with this, I cannot change the bad stuff just accept it and learn to cope.

Blue Glitter in 2013, it has expanded to show more things and had (I hope)  more varied topics. I thoroughly enjoy this blog, I appreciate I do not always post as often as others, but I love writing here and sharing things that mean a lot to me.

I understand, I don't share every aspect of my life (or my face ) but I share the most important things to me.

2013, has expanded and bettered my wardrobe and clothing tastes, I have finally found the perfect 2 jumpsuits and vintage jackets. I have given up just buying trend driven things and have found a love of simple and lovely clothes.

My items of 2013

Vintage jumpsuit
suede loafers
muubaa leather jacket
sterling silver moonstone ring (made for me)
heart print dress

I have bought a lot of things but, in turn I have also sold/donated an equal amount of things. It is nice to have a better working wardrobe and not just live in the usual attire.

My shoe collection has got more beautiful additions and so does my jewellery collection.

I was lucky enough to win a Zatchel (which I love).

So the big things

my wedding, was at time frustrating because people would not cooperate with what was requested and there was a tiny bit of drama before. However thanks to my amazing Mother In Law and various friends. I had a fun relaxing and laid back wedding.

(walking out to Muse was a highlight)

I didn't do crazy amounts of research or worry about perfect colours and hair. I found my dress last September after wondering into a discounted bridal shop and he looked amazing in his Ted Baker suit. It was the little things that were the best.

We got married in the church of his parents village and had a sit down dinner at a beautiful riverside Tudor cottage pub. No DJ we have a fantastic playlist of classics and an amazing cake, and everyone had a fantastic time.

My new job is fun and challenging in the best way.

The new house is an amazing detached bungalow with country views and sheep at the end of the garden. (Tis a touch of rural Gloucestershire). It has really made a change, from having grown up in a large (city sized) town and lived in busy city/towns, living in the country is so quiet and fun. Today we had a long walk up the hill we live on and the peace is fantastic.

Our previous house was lovely, however sadly the neighbours/city were not that brilliant. We wanted something new and a challenge!

Overall 2013 has been fantastic and heartbreaking in equal amounts.

2014- I am already plotting!

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