Autumn approaches.

I love this time of year, summer is fading into autumn. The leaves are quietly falling but the sun is still shining. Its neither hot or cold, and the year is on the cusp of change again. Some love summer or winter, I adore spring and autumn because it signifies change and a new start.

As a kid its the start of a new school year for some and just another time of year for others. I may have finished academics a few years ago, however I have never forgotten that feeling of the new.
I have recently been catching up on magazines and whats new in the world.

Since last November, life has changed greatly and I really am enjoying it. Living here has changed my perspective on life and myself. This has also changed the way I dress and my approach to life.

Its fun rethinking the way I dress for the time of year, for the first time ever. I went through my wardrobe and put away winter clothes in time for the summer. Since moving last year, I have begun to appreciate the things I have more. I have donated/ given away/ sold about 50% of my clothing. I have been in a constant state of change and clearing out my stuff. It has been refreshing and it has made me happier, it is nice not hoarding loads of rubbish I have only worn once, and it is fantastic to pass stuff on to friends or seeing stuff find a new home for someone else to enjoy.

It has been good to enjoy the items but they deserve to belong to someone else to make a new story. I have been watching This Old Thing on channel 4 and for the first time ever, I found a tv show that shares my ethos on clothing and shopping. (an excellent show and great book to accompany it!)

Vintage is fun, however we are all victims of owning so much and never making the most of it, I am guilty of this. I hoard a lot of stuff, this comes from sharing everything as a kid to over appreciating my freedom as an adult. So to finally start breaking from this habit and to make more space and appreciate the little things I have. Taking this into account, it reminds me of the change like summer to autumn and the feeling of the new.

Going back to my reading of recent magazines, the new shades of red, blue and brown. The warmth and tones are fantastic. I want to embrace the warmth and rifle through my clothes and find new outfits from what I already have. I have recently sold some of my more impractical shoes and replaced them with boots, still as stylish but more laid back. I like heels but I never wear them except at my desk. So I invested in something better, I found the shoes through, an excellent buying/selling/swapping site. I have also found my new winter coat through them. I have not bought a new coat in a very long time. The best bit, is its second hand so I don't feel guilty.

There have been changes in who I am this year, in both work and personally. I wrote and published a book on Amazon. Changed back to my natural hair colour (thank goodness for Avon!) and started to appreciate more in my life. It has been refreshing and the change has impacted all areas of my life.

So bring on autumn, I want ti mix pleather and tartan. I want to wear wispy dresses under over sized cardigans and to enjoy running in the rain. Change is a good thing and I am welcoming it.

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