It's raining.... again.

So the indian summer has finally gone, and it is now very cold. I love the cold because, I love layers and sitting inside watching the rain  with a cup of tea.

So this is about tips for autumn, regular readers will know I love a bargain and hunt high and low for funky and different things.

For autumn invest in a decent sized leather bag in black or tan (Ebay is a great way to find something amazing for a great price or try sale section of places like Topshop or Asos.)

Take heavier summer pieces and keep wearing them over layered t-shirts, vests and wear thick tights.
I have this year been trying to buy less with some minor success, I have not completely killed the desire to buy cheap and cheerful junk entirely. I have gotten better, but not where I should be! (I do feel bad about this)

One thing I found that helped is when the weather started to turn I dug out all the heavier things I put away for the summer, it is nice to find old things and enjoy them again. Whilst doing this, I have also cleared stuff out to help clear my head and it has helped a lot.

For autumn I invested in a second hand lumber jack coat, that turned out to be 100% wool and the best investment I have made in a while. I found it through Vinted a fantastic app for android, its like Ebay for girls and its also got forums attached and I have found some awesome stuff through them!

Somethings worth investing in are fun things for the inbetween days, when a jumper is ok, rather than a jumper, I bought this rather awesome Asos Mango denim jacket(now sold out), I generally don't wear denim. I am partial to denim when its cut like a bike jacket though. I am all over that!

I like the vintage finish and colouring, I paired it over disco pants and a white jumper and tan boots. I think it will work in the summer months over dresses and other printed trousers and lighter coloured tops. It was worth the investment. Pieces like this is are what I like for transitioning between seasons.

Scarves are great for layering, wrap around a few times and presto!instant outfit update and warmth.
Invest in a good pair of boots and make sure you regularly take them to the cobbler if they need repair.

One major thing I overlook usually is my skin, the cold is not good, that with allergies means a lot of bath products affect my skin. I recently found  and I am in love with just about everything they have! I am waiting for the next payday to buy some nice bits from them. Sometimes you need something nice to throw in the bath and relax. Their bath bomsbs and stuff are amazing :)

So wrap up warm and start counting down to Halloween and Fireworks!

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