So far so good

Minus a few accidents and an exploding tumble dryer 2015 has been going well so far.

My mermaid hair has been cut to longish well maintained mane, I have been embracing occasionally wearing make-up. I have been working on personal relationships and social situations. It is hard changing the basics of what makes you tick, but the positive outcome is worth the hard work.

I have discovered a new found love for taking time out for myself and not feeling guilty. I have re-discovered my love of charity shops and I have started saying no too Topshop.

I have seriously realised I need to change old habits of frivolous spending and enjoy what I have. It has been fantastic to filter out the stuff I do not want anymore.

My old books have been donated to the library for others to enjoy, the same with clothes and shoes. I want to recycle and give someone else the chance to enjoy what I no longer need.

These are the ideas I was brought up on, if it wasn't wearing your sisters hand me downs then finding excellent things at car boots and charity shops. This was mixed in with catalog clothing.

2015 I hope will be a year of improvement and happiness, I want to have more little adventures and spend time with the ones I love and doing things I enjoy.

With that I am off to London and Bath in the coming weeks and I am day dreaming of ideas for new projects.


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