Got Milk?

Recently I have had a bit of a thing for fun bags. In the Christmas sales I got a doughnut bog and matching purse. I also found a milkshake bag. These were from New look

and there was a matching purse! sadly they are all sold out.

So you know I love something a bit fun and odd, I always have. Recently I saw a milk carton shaped bag and fell i love!. I immediately went to ebay to find something similar!

It holds my phone, coin purse keys and lipstick and still adorably cute! It has been a instant hit and I love it. The choice of colours is cream, blue and pink. I have the cream and the blue as they match my wardrobe the best!

and they are under £6.00 with free postage. You can pay less but there is a standard £1.99 postage and it works out more. I think the bag is excellent, it's fun and unusual and it made me smile all day.

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