2015 so far..

I set some things moving on from last year. It was nothing typical but more about improving my quality of life and how I spend my time.

Here's an update for the year so far.

I have been making more things, soft furnishings, jewellery, customising clothes. These are things I have always done but I have been making time to indulge and enjoy whatever project I am working on rather than wasting time on rubbish TV or sitting around bored. I am creative, I thrive on making ideas into reality.

I vowed to be more relaxed and embrace not being so negative. This is something I have always struggled with. It comes from being bullied and always being pulled down by people around me. I always assume the worst. I have really tried hard and I feel the way I am has changed. How do you instantly change habits of a lifetime? Not very easily is the answer.

I have been enjoying little things more and making the most of the time I have with people. This counted greatly recently when a friend of my husbands who I have not seen in a long time passed away a week after we all had lunch.

I have been exercising more, until I hurt my back, it is slowly taking time to get back into the swing of it. It helps having the exercise bike at home. It has been worth changing bad eating habits as well. At work I eat a lot of rubbish. I am trying to get better at this!

I invested in a blender and food processor and it has changed my world food wise. I have been having smoothies and its helped with cooking overall. (Here's a little secret, I am useless at cooking frozen stuff but good with stuff made from scratch)

I have been trying to improve the quality of relationships with people and understand that if there is an issue it is not solely down to me to fix or that it might not just be my issue. I have moved away from reacting badly to things (still room for improvement!) and to be more of a grown up and sometimes understand its better to forget stuff and let it all go and relax.

The house extension is slowly taking shape and I am daydreaming of all the awesome things I can do to decorate and my fingers are itching to get working on revamping furniture. I have spent time on a few pieces that will be part of the new house layout. I took an old cabinet apart repaired it and sanded it back and painted it. I also did a key cabinet from Homesense, it was damaged and I did it up (pictures on an upcoming post)

I had my waist length hair cut off to a long bob, it was refreshing to have a great change.

I have been shopping, not as prolifically as I once did, for lent I gave up Topshop (I have bought only one thing from them since February! I am proud I broke that habit. My eBay habit is also sorted.
I have come to understand it i a reaction to being annoyed or wound up and I end up buying crap I don't like!

I have been scaling things back and donating and selling stuff on, its nice to know things a finding a new home. I have also embraced going back to charity shops. For my birthday, my family and me went shopping we had an excellent time all in charity shops, I found so many lovely things for next to nothing, I have forgotten the fun of stuff like that. I did the same with a friend for work wear for her.

I went to the V&A Wedding dress exhibit and plan to do McQueen and the Shoes in a few weeks! Hopefully they will be amazing. I always enjoy a great exhibition.

So far the year has been excellent and I hope it continues to be!

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