Changing and growing up.

Its funny how things change, you gr up loving certain books, music and that favourite piece of clothing. The things you hated you slowly find yourself liking without realising you had stopped hating it. The way you do things has changed. Once Saturdays were all about loud nights out dancing, drinking and laughing, to quiet nights in with movies and relaxing. 

Endless afternoons at the pub become dinners with friends who you no longer get to see as much you would like.

It is both sad and exhilarating because change is inevitable and it can be good. I have lost what I thought were great friends in moving away and found new ones in the places I have gone to. It can be challenging finding how to adapt to new places of work, new cities.

 I have enjoyed embracing new things whilst still enjoying things I have loved for years. No matter how old I get I still love a lot of the music I have grown up with and still want to be as cool as my big sisters.

Even though they are also grown up! I still think of them as my style icons and someone to confide in.

the things I have grown to love, simplicity in clothing and moving away from crazy bright things I wated years ago. The more glitter and colour the better it was to me. I still love the glitter and colours but in a more relaxed and refined way.

So enough rambling on, I wanted to say how happy I am after the changes of the last two years. I have moved to a lovely home and enjoying a quiet life. It has been lovely moving away from being busy with shopping and pointless things that are not fulfilling.Life has dramatically improved, there are areas that need some change but mostly I am very happy.

I have taken up gardening, more sewing and relaxing at home over going out and not having fun and wasting money. I have been enjoying more experiences like going to London and seeing exhibitions. It is great to have a pace of life that is happy and not chaotic. 

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