10 things I wish I could tell my younger self.

The benefit of getting older is learning from your experiences. Here are somethings I wish that I could tell my younger self.

1. Don't worry what others thing because they are not you!

2. Never be afraid to wear what you want and fuck the rest. As long as you are happy embrace anything weird and wonderful that catches your eye. This is an integral part of your adult self and the main way you express yourself.

3. You will fall out of love with painting but you will find creativity in other things such as sewing and writing. However you will not lose your love of art and painting overall.

4. Stand up for yourself and never lose your voice- No-one can stick up for you!

5. High heels, no matter how pretty hurt- please consider the impact of only buying satin/velvet and suede shoes. I know they are pretty but not always practical.

6. Never be ashamed of your personality and general chatty nature- yes you talk a lot but hey, it's part of who you are- who cares if it freaks people out?

7. You won;t have your dream job but working with people does help.

8. Learn to shop smarter and not buying something because it's cheap.

9. Music is as important as reading. Make time for it.

10. Step away from the junk food and try to maintain an exercise plan!

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