Hey, it's been ages since I've posted.
In 2017, I had a massive health blip and this carried into 2018.

Hopefully I'm nearly over the worst.

2018, was a varied and fun year. I gained weight last year due to the medication I was taking and my self confidence took a massive hit. Nothing I did would solve it and due to my health, I couldn't do what I used to.

I lost my perspective on a lot of things and I stopped liking myself.
That has slowly changed this year. I changed jobs last summer and I've really come into my own in the last six months.

I joined the gym and started driving lessons again. I've fought hard (I appreciate there are people who have faced a lot worse than me). I've lost the weight I gained and I'm going to be trying to get rid of more. In 2019,im going to make over what I don't like or enjoy. I want my life to be fulfilled and happy. 2017 caused a lot of damage in my life and 2018has been about straightening it out.

I have embraced more of my wardrobe and started stepping away from shopping all the time.

In 2019, I am going to be using my blog again and enjoying writing.

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