2019 so far...

I intermittently use this space to write these days. I remember the initial excitement and the essay length posts of years ago. The last two years have been a roller-coaster of change. Medical, work and life in general.

I'm far happier now than I was in 2017. At the beginning of that year I vowed to make great changes in my life on all fronts.

I changed my job, wardrobe and outlook, I cut out bad relationships.

I tried to start laying the foundations for a better, simpler and overall happier life. 2018 was spent building on those foundations and I'm slowly starting to see the fruits of that labour.

I've gutted big parts of my life and I've changed the way I do a lot of things.
I joined the gym and I've been going for a year!

I lost weight, I rediscovered a lot of things I love to do. Such as painting, I found a new hobby of bird watching. It's funny that you don't notice the impact of small changes as you go along. One day it kind of hits you and it's then you realise!

I've learnt to enjoy a decent holiday, instead of something cheap just to get away. I've also learnt to enjoy music and my own company again.

A massive challenge has been old coping habits and how I approach and deal with situations. I'm trying to be less involved and better at shrugging stupid things.

Shopping has stopped being a priority to me, I have significantly culled my wardrobe and had to evaluate why I shop but feel like I have nothing to wear! I've cleared so much stuff out and I don't miss any of it. I've really looked at what I like and want, I gained a lot of weight in 2017 because of medication and it took a while to get it off but it's been lovely to find old clothes I haven't worn in a long time and enjoy them again.

It's also been nice to understand what I need and want from my wardrobe for work and day to day life.

There are still days where I feel awful and I hate everything I own. However, I mostly appreciate how lucky I am to have such beautiful things at my disposal and to wear how I want.

I want things that are comfortable but stylish and to enjoy figure instead of hiding in old jeans. I've been embracing my love of dresses again and it's refreshing because I already own them and I really am just loving stuff I already have. Previously I've justified my shopping by buying from charity shops and stuff but it's no different to fast fashion if you are treating the way you wear the clothes on the same way!

I've thought long and hard about myself, wardrobe and life and for the first time in a very long time I kind of feel like I'm getting there.

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