2020 so far…

Back in February I wrote a really positive and hopeful post about the upcoming year. Unfortunately, this year did not turn out as I initially expected and hoped for! 

As you will all know in March the UK went into Lockdown and it was not reasonably eased until July. It was a tough several months because of the circumstances. Due to my health, I had to stay home the entire time, it was hard initially but I found various things to keep me occupied. The upside in all of this is I finally had the injury in my right hip repaired and I am currently in recovery. 

There have been upsides to the lockdown, I have cooked more, read more and I have been into more projects. I have been taking more time to work on myself and to help improve my self-worth. I am looking forward to September when I can slowly reclaim parts of my life such as learning to drive. I am hoping the last stage of my recovery goes without an issue. 

A big success of this year is changing my habits for shopping, my fashion tastes and things in general. In 2019, I made a promise to myself to only buy things I would truly love and use. This has led, to a massive overhaul of my wardrobe, several large clear outs and only buying items I will need and use. 

Last summer I did a huge clear out of my wardrobe and I removed five large black bags of clothing from my wardrobe. There have been a number of smaller clear outs and two weeks ago another large clear out was done. I have still undertaken some shopping in this time, but I have been more thoughtful about what I have purchased and what I need.  

I am no longer in my 20’s and a lot of the clothing I had reflected how I used to dress, because of various issues in the last few years I have lost myself. A big part of this year has been reclaiming and discovering who I am now. 

I appreciate I am still working from home and I will be until November, this doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy the clothes and items that I have! 

Things that have changed in 2020: 

  • I learned and continued to use the Marie Kondo method for folding and storing my clothes. 
  • I am more dispassionate when removing items from my wardrobe and the majority of items have been donated to my local charity shop. 
  • I have been keeping my sewing and repair pile down. 
  • I have been thinking more about the versatility of what I buy and how I can wear items. I have the preference for items that can be worn across various seasons. This has led me to think about how an item could be adapted or changed to stay within my current wardrobe. 
  • I am going to go back to enjoying wearing dresses and not just rely on wearing jeans. 
  • I have started writing my book, the first chapter is in progress and I hope to have it finished for Amazon publishing by the end of the year. 
  • I have been finding peace and being more mindful. 

Going forward: 

My hopes for the rest of the year, is so continue with my surgery recovery, and to slowly put into place some kind of a new normal and to get my driving license! 

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