A long time in the making

In 2017, I read a book named I want to be her, that charts a woman's style inspiration from various individuals from childhood to present. One of the descriptions inspired an idea in me.

I'm not someone who collects designer items. I just live pretty things and the majority of my higher end bags were purchased because of their colour, or if they had a flamingo or penguin motif.

I decided I wanted a Louis Vuitton speedy 25 but I had very strict standards and budget. 

It had to be vintage

Under £250

No significant wear on handles and corners.

I spent two years considering the purchase because it's a lot of money. I have read numerous articles and watched various YouTube videos on advice and guidance to find a genuine bag.

I have spent hours on eBay and various designer consignment accounts and Preloved seller websites.

One evening earlier this month I found her!

She's American made from 1992 and had everything I wanted. She's from Japan.

From purchase to delivery was 3 days.

I am truly in love with everything about the bag and I am excited to wear it out when out of lockdown


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