2023 so far!

 Happy 2023, how has everybody been in the last year? I appreciate that I haven't been active on the space in a while.

2022 came with some really big life changes, this included being diagnosed with a neurological condition, and selling our home of nearly a decade and buying a new house for renovation, which we are currently in the middle of.

We are living on site while the renovations are underway. It's been a bit difficult to be active on bits and pieces because so much time and energy is being focused on the house, we are moving rooms around we're doing a loft conversion, floors need ripping up and walls need knocking down etc.

However during this time we have managed to snatch the odd moments here and there for projects and bits and pieces and I'm incredibly excited for what will be my new home. It's very strange to be in the middle of another renovation when we bought our last house in 2013 it was a 1970s bungalow, most of what needed doing to it was cosmetic.

This house needs a lot more to do with it than the previous house but I saw this house and I don't know what it was but I just immediately fell in love and had to have it.

It's a 1920s house I've never lived in anything so old with the exception of a regency terraced house whilst at university.

Along the way in between the various bits and pieces we've got going on, I've had some projects that I haven't yet shared here.

I must admit I have neglected this blog a heck of a lot but it's because I have been focusing on my YouTube channel where I have been sharing some of my projects.

In the coming weeks what I will be doing is sharing with you some of the things that I have been working on. This will include some of the new bags that I have acquired and you know just plans for the future and generally what's going on.

From the last time I updated, we were waiting for the contracts and the house purchase to go through and we were just on the cusp of packing everything up. Then sadly I came down with covid whilst already being ill with a throat infection.

Unfortunately I spent most of April, May and June last year unwell. The knock-on effect of that combined with trying to get to grips with my neurological condition means everything was incredibly difficult. However nearly a year later I feel like things are a lot better than they were, and overall I am excited for the upcoming couple of months and the rest of the next 18 months because of all the big changes going on in life.

But what has been really good in the last year is being able to establish a new way of life, and to understand the support network I have around me, unfortunately I have lost a few friends along the way. However, that doesn't matter because ultimately they weren't great friends in the first place if they couldn't stick around when I was at my worst.

So that's why I have been radio silence on here for a while because I have just been getting on with life and I will be updating you over the coming weeks as I've said above about the latest projects that I have worked on and various cute bags and things that I've found and what I'm excited for for the rest of the year.

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