Goodnight 2023

 2023 is about to finish! Another year.

I used to write here and reflect on the overall year. In the last few years, I have kind of lost my way away from the things I love.

I have tried to embrace more of the things I enjoy this year. I also moved away from situations that were no longer working for me.

I have bought some fabulous bags, and shoes and enjoyed wearing many sparkly and penguin themed outfits and accessories.

I have enjoyed cooking and baking and helping refurbish and renovating my new home. I have bought endless sparkly delicate Christmas ornaments.

I spent my summer in the garden sipping j2o and tea watching the birds. I have lost a few of my beloved fish.

I have spent endless moments just wandering around the woods and going on walks to see the local sheep.

The best time has been spent with my husband. This year has been hard on me. However, after a long time spent in a daze , of illness and frustration at life I am slowly coming out the other side. I knew I was feeling like myself again when I started wearing my jewellery and enjoying my clothes again. 

Here's to 2023, where I kind of rediscovered me!

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