This post is going to be about accessories!

How amazing are theses little objects we use to adorn and make or break an outfit?

That little touch that gives your attire that pinch of sparkle?

Whether it is a diamond or a simple topshop gem it is something that makes an outfit personal and gives it an edge it may have lacked without that addition. What makes us pick what we use to enhance our clothing? In the previous centuries a woman would never we without her gems her gloves or a hat or an escort for that matter!

Today we take such things for granted there extremes of what we use to show who we are and the accessories are fake tan, eyelashes and other things.

I am guilty of being very picky over an outfit and accessories but not making an effort with make-up and hair which lets it all down!

I am in love with accessories, shoes, handbags, jewellery costume or fine jewellery I have both.

I am never without earrings or my basic rings and necklace, I often am tutted at for buying proper jewellery and wearing it as everyday garb rather than letting it sit in a box unused and unloved only for special occasions!

People sneer it is not like I could ever afford it or I don't have a rich man to buy it for me!

(Neither did I!) I saved up often if you ask a jeweller they will allow you to put down a deposit and pay it off over an agreed time frame that is how I have afforded many of the lovely pieces I own.

When it comes to accessories what to buy is a good question and what to put it with? When looking for accessories often I am struck by pretty and unusual things, I am a stickler I don't like having things someone else would have, not because it makes me the same as another person on the street but because my taste runs into unusual and odd things.

A good source for inspiration is the girls of the muse message board, Liz at and general stuff I see people wearing.


For instance I have an obsession with keys as an accessory I bought a large ornamental gothic key from Topshop 4 or 5 years ago for £1 and it sparked a love for them, they are quirky and give an unusual twist and have recently been very fashionable amongst the high street and fine jewellers. I have both. I always get asked about a key if I am wearing it as an accessory, Where is it from? What is it for? I enjoy the theatrics of it and how old fashioned and funky it is (and who can resist a bargain?)

I like pieces that are a talking point, this is something I think people should strive for pick something that is going to enhance yourself and make you stand out. You don't have to go for what is fashionable or trendy, or pick something you think people will like but something that appeals to you for whatever reason it may be.


This is a classic item that has had a fantastic revival over the last five years; it can be difficult to pull off if done wrong.

The best ways I recommend wearing a belt.

Around the waist as a cincher, it creates curves and enhances clothing, go for something comfortable and that will not dig in and restrict your breathing, it should be placed around your natural waistline.

They have some fantastic waist belts around at the moment, think about your outfit and what kind of belt does it want? A statement one? A skinny belt? Leather brightly coloured?

A tea dress for instance could have an elasticised cinch belt or a tan or block coloured skinny belt.

A denim shirt could also have the same. If when doing this look you have excess fabric at the back fold it back on to itself to create a smoother silhouette.

Skinny belts can also enhance your hips or under your bust.


My favourite accessory!

Studs, dangly diamonds, paste stones. The best thing about mass produced high street is how easily accessed this accessory is!

I am never without them. I favour dangly without it being too brash or tacky! I like 1960s style enamelled and monochrome and simple and pretty studs. I recommend. Topshop, River Island and Primark. Also eBay and


Cocktail and statement rings are fantastic. I have loads of amazing pieces from places like Camden market, charity shops and Ebay and I have the pieces I save up for that are proper jewellery. Always worth the investment if you are going to wear it!


A universal favourite! I am never without one!

There are so many to choose from long, short, chocker. Do you go for pearls, diamonds gold or silver? Plain beads and where to find your treasured piece?

Some places I recommend (for silver, vintage and quirky pieces)

Topshop they always do amazing stuff and it is worth the value if you look after it! I have costume jewellery I have had for literally years!

Charity shops and small vintage providers for things like beads and long necklaces.

Google independent places for unusual one off jewellery.

I can highly recommend!/SacreCoeurAdornments!/group.php?gid=48295559605

Or look on sign up to their newsletter it is amazing!

If all else fails eBay or Amazon are both sources of amazing jewellery.

I also make jewellery in my own time if there is something in particular you want I can see what I can do.

Quirky and fun pieces are excellent, vintage or kitsch pieces are fab! I have many excellent pieces from charity shops, pretty beads or chunky chains.

For silver try collectable or antique shops or smaller jewellers you can always find fantastic and beautiful things for a fraction of a high street jeweller's price. I own a charm bracelet and 90% of those charms are second hand. Most of them are beautiful little things, I like Pandora and Thomas Sabo but they are out of my price range and do not offer the unique and beautiful quality of the charms I have bought.

Majority of them are from Mann jewellery in Cheltenham Gloucestershire. I cannot recommend them highly enough they are fantastic, well priced with amazing staff who really know what they are doing and offer great knowledge and advice about jewellery and how to care for it and what to buy I have many pieces from them.


Can be amazing but also disastrous to many and you look silly. I like bangles I am of the idea I prefer sterling silver to bangles from say River Island. Though they are lovely I have many lovely silver ones for the fraction of high street shop prices. If you want cheap and pretty but not bothered how long they last, H&M and Primark are great for this! The same goes for brooches.

If you want it to be dainty and pretty then try a chain so a simple plaited leather piece.

Bangles can be stacked up try mixing textures and colours and metals!


Only really recently cool again.

Primark, charity shops or eBay or vintage funky or unusual things. Or try

This is something that can be used as a way of finishing an outfit or just giving it a small but cute way of looking different.


Shoes & bags

I could spend hours talking about this! It is something I used to live and breathe everyday for River Island.

Shoes are unique to each girl! I go for bright impractical pretty jewel coloured satins, high stilettos and just pretty shoes generally. I would love a pair of Christian Louboutins!

Patterns texture something bright and beautiful and I will love it! an excellent place to be in the know about amazing shoes!


The first place I would recommend for a handbag is Helen Rochfort, a bag brand I discovered whilst working in an art gallery! Her bags are an amazing mixture of vintage shape and amazing fun pop culture images!

I own their eat me/drink me bag and always get compliments about it!

They are worth the price and often have great sales, please follow on Face book or twitter! They will give you more info!

River Island is also highly recommended for handbags I own many of their bags they are an excellent mixture of trendy and unusual! And worth the price because they last.

I love vintage style handbags and own an amazing 1970s satchel. Vintage fairs, car boots, markets and charity shops and also eBay are good places to source funky and unusual bags.

Socks, tights.

House of Holland, ASOS and Topshop and River Island and Primark.

All stock amazing tights that last well and have great patterns.

Jessie J is a big fan of House of Holland! He also did a line for pretty Polly which can be found in River Island.

They have had a big trend recently I love patterns, bright colours and how funky they can be. Hearts, lace and funky prints are awesome and can make an outfit and make you stand out if you want to be brave enough to wear them! The best I have ever owned is grey with pink heart from Topshop and Pin –ups against an American flag background!

Scarves and hair accessories for hair accessories.

I love hair clips and hair bands they give an extra sparkle to your hair and make it more beautiful whether long or short! I recommend things that are cute and colourful and beautiful old fashion vintage things.

You could rock a Rihanna style big flower or vintage style jewelled headband.

Scarves I am obsessed with them, I get them from vintage shops and charity shops and Lush the cosmetics shops they will wrap your product in a scarf of your choice! They can be worn in your hair around your neck on a bag that is why I love them they are so versatile!

Patterns and prints are fantastic they can be picked up fairly cheap if you look if not try EBay or markets! I have shopped at all!

For scarves


That is my post for accessories I recommend all of the people above because their products are fantastic and I think they are worth the money and will bring a certain unique quality to your wardrobe!

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