A flamingo changed my life

 In 2019 I found a photo of the inside of a bag. It had the definition of a group of flamingos (I adore them). I posted the photo on Instagram and someone reached out to tell me what the bag was and two things happened:

1. I made a fantastic friend named Emma

2. I found a new bag obsession

The bag in question is made by Sophia Webster and it's called the Claudia. The bag comes in various colours and variations. The main consistent features are the chain and rose gold hardware.

I started hunted for a bag I wanted and could afford. In January 2020, I found it.

I bought the large Claudia in black with patent leather trim. Minus a scratch it was in perfect condition. I bought it for £140 from someone in Ireland.

I carried that bag constantly before Covid and the restrictions came in.

Next came the bubble gum pink mini. I was originally trying to get the black in a mini size but was outbid. For my birthday, I was given money and I found one only used once on depop and they sold it to me for £80.

I adore this bag because of the mix of leather and patent leather. It also has a blanket stitch style edge. The colour was my reason for buying it. Many people have coveted it when I've worn it out.

In 2021, Emma found the black mini on eBay for under £30. There was no dust bag but it had some minor damage but worth the price. I put in an offer and won.

Another gem for my collection. I found a dustbag online and I'm a happy camper!

As my long time readers will know, I have always tried to buy second hand and minus a one bag the majority of my collection has come from second hand sources. I budget to afford and buy these beautiful things.

I am over the moon that a photo changed my life so much.

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