A disco wannabe

 I don't know if you remember back in like the kind of 2015 and 2016 when the Gucci Soho disco at the top end of everybody's wishlist and everybody had the bag.

I mean this bag was all over Instagram. Personally I've only ever seen it in real life once in like 2018 and it's a beautiful bag and honestly like there are a lot of things about it that I think of very beautiful I'm not I really thought were fantastic.

Having grown up in the early 2000s I'm not going to lie but I'm not a big fan of LogoMania and I personally I think that's a great look on other people but not me 

I love the simplicity of the bag didn't really like the double g logo and when I discovered that the zip was actually a tassel. My heart broke!

Sadly I'm clumsy and something like that would get broken. In 2019, I was in Tk maxx and I found an amazing bag by the brand Laura dimaggio. They make their own versions of some very popular bags. They made a camera bag in the shape of the Soho disco but it was my kind of friendly, it was logo free and had a standard zip. I paid £25 for that bag and even now I still adore it. You can remove the strap, I ended up buying a heart cover guitar bag strap for it. I loved it so much, I bought one with champagne gold piping.

The leather is pebbled and so soft, they are made in Italy and genuinely are such stunning bags!

It has honestly been one of the harder working bags in my collection. The downside of the pandemic is I miss going out, making use of my wardrobe and going to work. Due to health I have accepted, I won't have a normal life again but, I still want lovely things to use when I go out. This is why I loved this bag, I significantly downsized my handbag collection in 2019. I sold, and donated about 75% of what I had and only bought much needed replacements. I got rid of a lot of my tab and black handbags. I decided I wanted more fun and statement pieces I would use and love for years instead of high street fashion leather bags that sadly after time do fall part. I do everything in my power to look after what I own. However, I had far too many bags and duplicates of one bag. I didn't love my collection and lost the joy in wearing pieces.

I wore my black Laura dimaggio with the new strap and I remembered exactly why I adore this bag! I wanted to find new ways to wear different things and how to make the most of what I have and different charms, straps etc allows me to do that!

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