Winter woollies

I Love this time of year because it is a new start and it represents a change. It means the start of a new school year, a change in your wardrobe or just happier watching the weather change and the leaves fall. It is a time of cuddling up with a cup of tea and watching a good film. I have always enjoyed this time of year, the colours the feel of the cool morning air and watching as everything changes to winter.

This means bringing out the trusty old favourites that have been hiding at the back of my wardrobe for the summer.

Sneaking my slipper socks on under my boots, and layering up with a scarf.

It is a good time of year for so many things! There is so much to do and enjoy. As the days get shorter but the weather is slowly getting colder the pretty things of summer can still be worn through clever layering of tights and boots and a cardigan. I think it is a good thing to be able to do. I have enjoyed the Indian summer we had and the crisp air in the day, the smell of the rain just after it goes.

Autumn is always big for fashion and sadly the British weather dictates what you can get away with but it's worth it. I remember what autumn used to mean to me, new school uniform, the excitement of starting college or university. When I went to university 5 years ago I wanted to have a signature look. I remember spending £55 on a long hounds-tooth 60's style coat and going to River Island and raiding their sale for mini skirts in tartan and hounds-tooth. I bought roll necks and plenty of jumpers. I spent forever looking for a favourite perfume as well. I wanted to have something quirky but trendy in my clothes. I had spent the previous college year living in tartan converse and jeans. I needed a change.

It helped mould my taste in clothing because for the first time I had some money to spare! It was exciting to meet new people and to be something new in myself. I have always done significant things in my life around later summer/autumn time. I guess that's why it is special to me.

I love the idea of sitting in front of a fire with my favourite book and just forgetting the time. Sometimes comfort is more important than how amazing something looks. I like to factor both in when I chose stuff. I will layer thin things to make myself warmer and to stop from over baulking my silhouette. It keeps the warmth in better as well!

I am not a fan of when it gets really cold. Ice and snow are the worst I am too clumsy to even want to risk going outside and nothing you wear is ever warm enough no matter how many layers.

I would rather stay in bed thank you very much.

I miss spending time wandering through Pittville Park listening to the leaves crunch under foot when going for an evening walk. I am all ready to go for this year I have bought a long vintage tweed cape (even if it does make me look like an extra from Harry Potter) I adore it. It is unique crazy but just the right amount of cool.

When it eventually gets to cold weather I have my 70s coat (or the rug as my boyfriend calls it!) it is so warm and lovely.

I have been good over the last few weeks with my shopping as promised! I have been buying more individual capsule pieces so that I can integrate and change up my wardrobe more. I have recently acquired an orange dress with embroidery, a tasselled pink top, various white tees and orange ballet pumps with pink patent leather decoration. I have also got a new wool beret for the winter as the death hat will most likely get blown away. I have also bought new multi coloured black loafers and studded black brogues and a black boyfriend blazer, I was going to customise but left alone. All will be worn most thoroughly!

I have also made my first clutch bag as a present for a friend's birthday from some material I was going to use for customising and the old hem I cut from a vintage dress I shortened last year. She was most happy I will be blogging about it soon!

I just want to spend all my time outside enjoying the season as it is so brief and passing. The ripe crispness with wither and be left with rain and horrid snow. My pretty summer dresses and ballet pumps will have to go away in the wardrobe. I will miss the crunch of the leaves and the amazing colours and general feeling of anything is possible. So bring on the jumpers and the boots

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