Pleather and other things!

It is getting cold so fast! Though there is still the odd warm day around it barely seems like mid November. I enjoy this time of year because I get to start wearing all the heavy knitwear in my wardrobe and enjoying being warm and cosy. I love luxury fabrics there is something about soft silks an lace and the delicate detail that goes into these beautiful items makes me feel (to be cheesy here) a million pounds. This is something anyone could identify with take Beyonces song freakum dress. It is all about the clothes, as much as I enjoy these fabrics though it is getting too cold to wear them with out hiding them. I have recently become rather enchanted but PU leather. I like the recent trend of pleather in detailing on blazers and the clever way denim is being coated to resemble leather. I think it keeps things smart but adds a nice edgy feel to things. I wouldn't embrace a full pleather dress but I think the detailing when done right really packs a punch.

I have seen several examples of pleather on lapels in magazines and shops and I would love to try it! I bought a waist coat and when I get some time will add the pleather and wear it.

I think it can be really smart I bought a dress from Topshop that started it. The top of the dress is a charcoal grey jersey and the skirt is pleather. The combination is odd but it works it can be worn quite a few ways and it was less then £10 which is even better. I love it with my leopard print brogues and a skull print scarf or a plain blazer over the top.

I am not into shiny pleather unless subtle and done in a traditional way. Like a funky colour clutch. I bought an irregular choice patent leather clutch back in the summer in bright royal blue because it was a lovely and unusual thing. That is what helped me stop thinking badly of the material. It is really something that when done in a certain way really can look fantastic. Unusually it evokes the idea of bad costumes.

I really think this season has given pleather a new status in the ways the fetish trend has been streamlined and made commercially acceptable. It is a great thing because it gives the high street newer out of the box things to work with and means some who are looking for that something different and usually shun the high street for its samey styles. I love the high street personally because it is endless on what you can find.

Several things I am lusting after are some Topshop glittery brogues, a vintage style faux fur coat (even though I am allergic!) and some sweet style jewellery. I am also on the hunt for a nice star print dress and a maxi skirt that doesn't make me look as short as I actually am! I also have my eye on some funky new tights as it is getting cold and plain black just doesn't cut it any more thanks to Henry Holland!

I have also been looking at new make–up I want to keep my style of eyeliner but want to mix up the rest so I have decided to try a nude matte lip and shimmery eye 60's style. I love the 60s style so much. I have found some beautiful new things for my wardrobe a beautiful cerulean blouse with beautiful detail and a boarder analgise and denim dress.

I love talking to people who enjoy doing their own things. A favourite tweeter of mine is Naomi of Vintage secret who will defend what she believes in to no end and that really inspires me because more people should do this. She even helps other discover their inner vintage cheesecake honey!

It is amazing to see what other people love and why, I have many internet haunts for inspiration of what I want to try next. I was recently reading about Ree ree rocket of Rockalily lipstick and her process of what it took to make her happy in her own skin and again it's fascinating.

Glamour's street style is a great one people watching are great and it's lovely to see people thought process and bravado of their personality in their clothing.

That is why I like the new fetish trend because it's nice to embrace a darker side to what I like in clothing in the fabrics and accessories. I secretly want to be a la Moss a like rolled out of bed and looked this cool rocker. It is something that I guess comes with practice!

For now I will stick to my own brand of oddness that's what works best.

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