Rain, hot chocolate, jumpers and a sheep hat

It's that time of year again. The summer has finished and it is time to snuggle into your favourite jumper and crack out the boots and endless cups of tea.

This autumn I will be investing in some much wanted hounds tooth. (I have just procured a hand knitted vintage jumper in maroon and white)
I cannot wait for it to arrive. I am feeling like a revamp at the moment! I have bought so many lovely things recently and I want to start layering to make the most of them.
I have shown quite a few things I have purchased on here.
I love this time of year it always feels like the start of the year. This is probably because I am so used to the academic year. It always feels magical and fresh.
I know I am a "grown up" and haven't attended anything to do with education in 3 years the feeling still hasn't gone! It is lovely watching the garden change and staying wrapped up warm listening to music and reading books and endless films with my boyfriend.
I want to spend this autumn in my favourite shaggy coat and leather boots, carrying around my satchel and finding new places to hang out in my time off and planning my wedding and holiday.
It will be a good winter because I have so much to look forward to! You can rock a new hair colour, sneak away some where hot and lazy whilst the UK has awful weather.

I know the rain makes it bleak and grey but there is so much to enjoy and I don't just mean Christmas.
It is a chance to enjoy an extra hour in bed, to go exploring cool places you wouldn't think of at the weekend. It is the small things that make dull days better. Even if it is just wearing a cute hat to work or your favourite song at lunch.

So back to the winter fashions.
I finally have my blue bowler hat thanks to eBay, after having seen the black H&M bowler over every fashion blog imaginable I decided I wanted one but at over £7 not worth it I got mine for £3.99 and I love it.
I will maybe even start some outfit posts here (please don't laugh too much!) I am going to be wearing my vintage 1970's maxi dresses more as well. I have to reinforce all the seams first. I have some much favoured jumpers and cardigans to get out, my pink and black heart print boyfriend cardigan and my ultimate the mustard yellow and sheep print.

I want start layering up so I can start to wear more of my floral printed dresses. I have ordered two new dresses from inlovewithfashion.com

I think they are fantastic and I know they are quite summery but I know I can layer them and they were £20 for the pair!
They are both so pretty! People rarely appreciate I love such feminine things. The cut and fabrics are just so lovely. I really love yellow, though blue will always be my favourite colour. I love bright and pretty prints.
I can see them teamed with tights and ankle boots. I have my eye on a few things but more about that later!

I cannot wait for them to arrive, I have a few new things on their way (mostly vintage bargains from eBay)
So back to my wool gathering, I have a few lovely leather bags I will be using this year. I have started investing in "classics". (Nothing expensive and one was rescued by my lovely local cobbler)

I have dug my coats out to be repaired and dry cleaned ready to be worn again.
I recently had the new H&M catalogue come through the door and it made me want it to get cold just so I can justify testing out some of the looks they have inspired for me and Lana Del Ray looks amazing in their advertising. I have her album on repeat recently. I love some of the trends coming through, like tartan I have the perfect dress for it! I want some new cable knitted knee high socks and some chunky army style boots to mix with pretty dresses and delicate jewellery. I also want to rock a blazer I found on eBay over some black dresses with pretty pumps.
So overall I am excited to be trying some new things and embracing the lovely things that have been hidden away during the summer.
I have read so many blogs recently and I feel inspired and want to try some new things.

So a few tips for the winter, some good cable knitted jumpers, cute dresses, pretty shoes, a good pair of boots and a cute hat (mines a knitted sheep)
So grab your favourite jumper, a hot drink and relax!

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