a few things to share and tell


I haven't blogged for a while because life has gotten in the way!
I have been a busy bee in the last few months, I have found my wedding dress, wrecked and corrected my blonde hair and generally  I have been buying up the contents of eBay!
(Not good but I did sell a few things off as well!)

So down to a few things to share!
I found my wedding dress it is perfect (even if it is a tad too long) I found it whilst waiting in town for a hair appointment. I wandered into the shop to have a browse, I have been dress shopping before and was left traumatised by all the frills and flounces. It was great to find something pretty and simple and the shoes are out of this world and also called Sarah!

I have made a new  hand and mini bag using this tutorial(I will share pictures in a separate post)
It is really lovely and I have had several people ask for their own versions already.
It is a tad hard to carry around but useful, I like the mini one I made for Kindle/purse/phone.
I will share next week will you pictures of this. I encourage you to try it.

I have been to the much talked about Hollywood costume exhibit in the Victoria and Albert (I was lucky enough to go before the Ruby slippers were replaced with replicas!) I have no words for the amazing experience

I loved it overall the whole thing is worth every penny.
I was on holiday in Portugal  I got to spend 7 sunny days swimming, walking and generally getting freckly and mooching on the beach collecting seashells and eating amazing fresh food.
Th weather was beyond amazing and I loved every minute and loved spending much needed time off with my fiancĂ©e.

The sights and everything was just what I needed!

I have also done two customisations on a blazer and a dress. I can't wait to share those.

On to new items acquired over the last few months.
Frank and Olive sea foam green shorts, tooled leather handbag / panel leather/jersey trousers/white jeans / vintage blazer / new silver jewellery / new black jacket/cardigan thing / two cable knit cardigans/ cropped tartan blazer

glittery brogues! and last but not least a 2nd hand gold opal pendant.

I love them, they have a blue sole and are a pewter colour. I will add photos next post.

I will do a few styling posts to come. I have a few vintage goodies to share with you all :)

I have also been devising some ideas for the new year!

I will drop a few osts with in the next 3/4 days see ya soon!

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