Blogging is a funny old thing.

I have been blogging (somewhat intermittently) for nearly two years now and I have completely fallen in love with the fashion I find on so many blogs. I am addicted, to reading about what people like and do.
I have never been sent anything, I buy all of my own clothes and I love being inspired by others.
My main sources are

All of these people have very strong and unique aesthetics some of them are mainstream in their fashion choices (mainstream to blogging trends) but they all put a different spin on things and all bring their personality to their blog and make it addictive reading. Liz @ Late afternoon was one of the first blogs I ever came across and was one of the reasons I wanted to blog. Her take on fashion is relaxed and beautiful, she has a simple formula of stunning clothes (and even better shoes!) is appealing because it makes you see how easy and accessible fashion can be, she is also really lovely and gives excellent advice.

Anna Elliot is also another lovely blogger with her own lovely way. She rocks red lipstick better thank any one I have ever seen and her love of anything well made in leather is second to none. She puts such lovely things together (I also want her shoe collection and a few of her bags). She works in a muted pallet of Navy/grey/black sharp shoes and great accessories. I wish I could wear leather like she does.

Charlene at strut is cool I like her raven hair and 90's chic and like her I always wanted a tartan suit like Cher in Clueless.
I like the mixture of trends and individual takes and styling all of these people do. They range from Vintage to plus size custom. everyone i different they are all sassy and fun. I encourage you to read them all!

All of the blogs mentioned have made me better with shopping made me look at new things like pleather and galaxy prints but what was most important to me was that I started dressing for myself. I have bought things that I would never have considered before, like yellow paisley trousers and denim shirts and I have become slightly obsessed with skulls and cross prints and anything vaguely leather like. It has been refreshing and I am not sorry to have learned a few lessons from these fantastic people.

I know I have mentioned time and time again these things but wanting to dress a certain way and having the guts to do it are not the same thing. I have always admired others having the courage to just be themselves. Why embrace the mould when you can make your own niche?

I have found that now blogging is established  many follow trends and a certain way of writing and some do lack that sparkle that makes it stand out.

Take a leaf out of Jen @ little bird or Bettie bee @
they are both fun, funky and always bring something fresh and fun to their writing and what they do.

I have been giving all of this a thought as we approach a new year I want to be more active with Blue Glitter and what I bring to my readers.
I have yet to do an outfit post (I have too work up the courage to post anything on here). Sometimes I just want to pull a Lady Gaga and think who cares!
I have finally cleared up y wardrobe enough to see what I have so I can share outfit ideas, following this I am on a shopping hiatus until I have learned shopping is not a good way to relieve stress and I do not need every thing I like! No more glittery shoes for a while, though I am proud I did eBay off like 4 pairs of Topshop shoes and intend to do some more to make back some of the money squandered on rubbish.

I am usually fairly busy in my general day to day so sadly this has suffered as a result. I am pledging to do at least one post a month. (Given the general novel length of what I write compared to those who update like every other day).
I will include more photos, outfits, trends and my usual stuff.

I have loads to share with you and frankly I have been lazy in not doing so.

I can't wait for 2013!

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