Pop art attack!

Zaap! Pow! Bang!

Pop art is a fantastic energetic and diverse art movement that has been adopted through fashion. 
I am a large fan of Pop art through its cultural significance and what it did for art and how it has been integrated into mainstream culture. I have loved its imagery since I was young especially Roy Lichtenstein.
I have had various things with this comic book style of his that is most famous and replicated. 
I have seen many jumpers and dress with words on them and the odd comic book print but nothing that caught my eye until I was in the new local revamped Topshop. I love combing art and fashion!

I already own a few things in the style my favourites are a long lost top and a pair of limited addition Converse high tops. I recently found a Topshop pencil skirt that I loved straight away and it was a good value for £28 but more than I want to spend on a skirt. (now sold out everywhere)

It is a rather fantastic skirt, the style is simple and straight forward but it is crazy and fun. it looks amazing on
this young lady

I decided to find something that was more me. I love the aesthetic of the skirt but wanted more of a face and comic book.

I was browsing eBay and found these

I found a cheaper price for the one on the left which I bought.

I cannot wait to wear it. I like that it has more colour to it and the blond woman's face. This is a style that will continue to influence me for many years. I saw the Lichtenstein retrospective in that Tate Modern last month and loved every moment of indulging in the amazing work.

So indulge yourself in some art history and snap up something fun and enticing into your wardrobe!

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