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I have recently found this fantastic brand owned by a friend of mine. Currently they are doing some fantastic tee-shirts that are simple and effective.

The lady in question is  unique, funny and ingenious. She was telling me about this brand a while ago and I have been desperate to get my hands on the merchandise since! They have a fantastic key print tee that will be mine when I get around to ordering it.

She was telling me about hat she wanted in her clothes and what she likes in brands. I admire her style and general attitude. So I have fallen in love with the Brand. It has a simple and diverse aesthetic and once it grows will diversify and will move into a whole range of different wardrobe lusts! I have been told they are looking to expand into accessories and look to more non logo'd stuff and establish the brand beyond just t-shirts. The brand is strong and urban, it reflects well on the founder because she is a strong person. They are establishing their logo and reputation. Their slogan be part of the pack is perfect because it invites you to be a part of a unique and individual brand idea.
After talking at great length about it she answered many of my questions about the brand and what they represent and she answered as below.
"We are about being part of something our motto if you like is “Part of the Pack” we want people to be part of something but still be individual, our current range are simple tees that can be worn with pretty much anything and the idea is just that, clothing that you can make a statement, make your own and still be part of something new."
This is why I am drawn to the label because it holds true to the ideas I have about fashion and style and how we express ourselves through out clothes. The fact that something so simple has grown out of a simple need for something not found on the high street.

"The idea came around whilst trying to find some quite simple clothing items which could not be found anywhere; soon I was designing what I wanted and other ideas came to mind. I then made the decision to make a business of it as people around me liked the ideas I had and wanted one of their."

This cross key tee is on my want list!

you can find it here part-of-the-pack-tee they do men's as well!

Designed by the founder, she has a strong and fun way of bringing what she wants whilst making it available to everyone. In a day and age of fast fashion and cheap choices, it is fantastic to find independent brands who have their own identity.

Like Brands like Olive and Frank and everours it is something fun, fearless and worth embracing.
The tees are great value the sizing is good and the fabric is great. It is hard to find a good quality cotton when looking for stuff.

It is great to have brands like this to choose from and I cannot wait to see this expand into other items and grow as a brand and hopefully will be on our highstreet soon!

I am part of this pack for sure.

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