Revamped 1980s dress

In May I bought a polyester dress from ebay for £4.00, it originally had a high necked Victorian collar, long sleeves and feel to mid calf and frankly it as hideous! I did like the deep royal blue colour and the pleated details to the front, so I decided on buying it for a project.

Last week I found it whilst packing stuff upcoming for our house move. I tried it on and it did not look to bad but it needed changing. I know some people consider it a crime to alter or change old clothing to newer tastes but hey. I promise I don't hack every vintage dress I find. Only one other dress has been altered and considering it was a home made piece I found at a fair for £1.00, I am sure no-one will begrudge me one altered dress!

I cut out the collar and added a zip, I changed the neckline to a boat neck and cut and turned up the sleeves. Finally I cut half of the skirt and made it above the knee.

I do love the finished product, all hemmed using tape because of the type of material.

I cannot wait to wear it!

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