Wear a pretty dress when you are feeling down.

I have been a fan of vintage clothing for many years, I love the unknown history of who owned the item before me. The older the better, I have some how ended up owning a lot of 1970's stuff mainly dresses. For my birthday in April my best friend James bought me the crafty minx book book found here. this is an excellent book that gives hints of tips on how to restore and clean vintage clothes. It reignited a  spark in me that has been missing in the last few months. I have had 2 lovely dresses that were too long that I have not worn. I chopped the bottom off of both and have been wearing them.

It got me thinking, and I wanted to share some of the beautiful clothes I am lucky enough to own. I love tings that are fun and a tad crazy. Think of the things most people wouldn't wear. Below is all of the amazing vintage dresses, I have. I have many very cool pieces, so here are a few.

I mostly find my dresses on eBay, or through vintage shops.

A very lovely black maxi dress for the summer, I have shortened it to knee length to suit me.

This is my newest dress, I love the sleeves and the print.

The first 1970s dress, I ever bought. It's from the sale section of Urban Outfitters, every seam was repaired before I could wear it. It is  a maxi dress however, I would never cut it short.

This was found in a vintage fair in 2010. It cost me £1.00, I cut the bottom off to fit and used the excess material to line a new handbag.

It is a home made dress that has this lovely back detail.

This was £8.00 from Oxfam from 2011, I love the material and the way it fits. My friend James made a wrap around scarf from the length cut off from the bottom.

Found recently on eBay for an occassion, I didn't wear it, in the end. Instead it has become part of my working day attire. I love the colour, collar and ruffles.

This was found at the same vintage fair as the £1.00 dress, it is another home made dress.The things that makes these two dresses amazing, is the fact they are so beautifully made and have survived. You can tell they have been loved and looked after.

This dress was found in River Island in the same. They have a vintage section like Topshop, it was a full length maxi dress, I wore it once and felt awkward. I love the vivid purple colour and the bright floral pattern. after reading the vintage minx book, I cut off the bottom and shortened the sleeves, I wore it to work and everyone loved it. It has the same shape as the ruffle colour dress above and it suits my figure really well. 

This dress has been featured on the blog, it has been shortened in length and I love it.

I guess I could sneak this is, it is a jumpsuit found on eBay. It has not been changed, I love the fit. It took me ages to find the perfect jumpsuit.

I understand some people don't like vintage because it is second hand. Others don't get it, however it is a fun way to show who you are and a great alternative to the high street. I love the high street as well, but vintage has a place in my heart because I have always had an admiration of the past.

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