I know its not yet Christmas, (yet!) and that I don't usually share much of my personal self on here.
However I have been thinking about what I have learned this year and how it has been a big change to me.

Last year I went through several life changes withing a few months and I have been enjoying the outcome of those changes. I love my job, its hard and sometimes leaves me mentally worn out but I thrive for it.
I adore my husband and our lovely home he has been tirelessly working on.

I really do skip home every night to be with him and enjoy our home.

Other changes, I have a lovely lady to call Mum, and have seen big changes for my family that make me very happy.

My resolution for this year was to change how I am within myself. I have slowly learned to accept I can't please everyone, nor can I do anything about things that are broken beyond repair.

I have let go of things that have really caused me a great deal of heartache, such as the patchy relations with my Mother. I have learned to accept and let go of the hurt caused and to embrace being happy. Now I can talk to her and not be angry or sad (For me this is a big thing).

I have started standing up for myself and believing in my own abilities and moving away from negative situations and people. Sometime you need to take stock and realise sometimes people or things aren't good for you and you need to move on.

I have come to appreciate how amazing my oldest sister is (but don't tell her this!) she always has been a hero of mine. I learned a lot from her, I am heartbroken about how bad the last 18 months have been for her, however I am beyond proud of her.

I am very proud of my other older sister who has completely changed her life and is on the up! I am again heartbroken for some of the points she has faced but she is braver and stronger.

My niece is crazy adorable and cat and mermaid obsessed, apparently she shares my stubborn streak.

Anyway, I have also learned to enjoy my free time and not feel guilty for doing nothing, and that tidying up is very therapeutic.

It has been hard with being run down and ill constantly at times and going crazy from too much daytime T.V (not good!)

anyway I am off on a tangent there,

This year I am proud of:

Publishing a book
Marriage strengthening our relationship
finally learning to just stop and relax sometimes
painting again

I hope 2015 turns out to be better and I can inally pass my damned driving test!

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