2015 will be something new.

2015, I won't make silly promises about what I want to achieve and  what I won't do. 2014 was about embracing new things and moving away from bad habits, some I have broken and others I am better at.

I want to take what I have learned this year and combine that with what I want to achieve.

in 2015

I want to.

Lose weight, not a crazy amount but at least a stone and half. I lost nearly a stone last year and I have kept it off but I want to lose more and feel happier in my own skin. It isn't about being skinny, I just am not happy with myself anymore and I want to be stronger and happier.

I want to act on my gut feeling and stop second guessing what I should do.- my instinct almost always is right and I should trust myself more.

To do more things I enjoy.

To start putting myself first once in a while.

to start enjoying my free time more and do more stuff outside with my Husband.

I will

Stop over thinking every stupid detail.
Not bother with those who treat me as an after thought and don't see me how I see them.

To know when to walk away and not feel bad for doing it.

To stand up for myself in a logically and grown up way.

Start saving, stop spending and not need to go shopping for the hell of it.

in 2015 I want to be happier and no-one is going to hand that to me, last year was about laying the foundations for what I wanted, this year was to learn about them. Next year I want to nurture and enjoy them to the full.

I am going to take a leaf out of Lorna at ScaredToast and embrace new things, plan and enjoy experiences. I am going to go to London to see a few exhibits and save up to take a course in sewing. Pass my damned driving test!

I want to make new things and enjoy my time more. I don't want it to be an endless drain of sleep work ect.

I finally have a job I love, even if I find it crazy sometimes but I love it.

I want to look back on the year and be proud of what I have done and I feel like a positive change.

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