Spring is in the air...

This is one of my favoured times of year, the smells the slow and subtle changes that at first you don't notice. The crisper air, the more warmth in the sun and the new smattering of colour amongst the greens and browns of winter.

I have been looking forward to ballet pumps and bright dresses, lighter fabrics and lighter layers. I have been enjoying life recently, minus an injured back I have had some adventures and fun. I have caught up with friends and been to London and been rooting around among my clothes for new ideas.

Whilst in London I spent the day in a long white spike collared shirt and green tartan blazer, navy jumper and over knee boots with disco trousers. It was a fun transitional outfit, preppy, smart but fun.

I found found some fun new dresses that are on their way, I have made room for some new bits a poppy patterns 60s dress and a home made blue dress.

As you know blue is my favourite colour and many of my dresses are blue in various shades from royal to tropical blue.

I prefer warmer shades of the colour and it has been of great influence in my art and is always my choice to wear.

This spring embrace your favourite items, printed trousers fun shirts and pretty slip on shoes. Find a lightweight shirt and a fun skirt. I have been enjoying wearing over the knee boots layered with dresses and tunics. Mixed with smart jackets, velvet instead of heavy winter jackets. I recently found a lovely deep red jacket via rokit vintage.

why not have a look for some fun pieces or go through your wardrobe and find forgotten treasures. I have recently started to mix in my favourite scarves with dresses or on bags. Vintage scarves can be found cheaply in charity shops and vintage shops, the bright colours are luscious and appealing.

You could try jeans and a t-shirt with a cardigan or baseball jacket, or old pair of converse.

There are numerous things you can try or do it is up to you, enjoy the sunshine and the longer days.

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