Your favourite colour?

Colour, it is a funny old thing. It makes up our world and is taken for granted, it represents emotions and memories and so many things.

What is your favourite colour?

Mine is blue, a warm blue from tropical to light ultra marine, nothing pale or cold or too dark. Navy is a colour i love and loath in equal measure, warm lighter navy is fine. The cold charcoal based navy is horrid.

I came to love blue after my bedroom was decorated in it as a teenager, initially I hated it and now I wear it for the majority of the time. I could have a section devoted to the colour in my wardrobe. Colours mean a lot to me, as an artist and a way o expressing my personality. Colours have to have luster and saturation for me. I do not like overly washed out or very pale colours, they lack warmth and do not appeal to me.

I believe what communicate the most about ourselves through how we dress,I love bold colours as they match my personality well. People have been known to worry if I wear all black as it is not me.

I wear black but I offset it with bright accessories, shoes or a bag. I know some people who hate colours and prefer black and plain clothes, and I can understand this. The are colours, I never wear as they look awful and I don't feel great in them, brown, purple, pale pink.

For me there has to be something interesting, a cuff, a interesting detail. I used to go all out, big earrings and a chunky necklace, loads of bracelets and a ring. These days I prefer more laid back way of dressing whilst maintaining my way of expressing myself.

This is why I wear vintage, interesting prints, details and stuff I could never find on the high street. It suits my tastes and usually are items I have kept for years as it is not a trend driven things I end up disliking.

Moving on, colour can brighten your day and dull it too. If I need cheering up, I wear bright shoes, or a fun dress and my favourite jewellery. I love silver and it mixes in well with most of what I like to wear.

How does colour affect your fashion choices?

Soon I ill share my next DIY project with you

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