A penguin suit

In 2019, I discovered Kate Spade makes penguin and flamingo bags. I fell in love with their by the pool series and the Clifton range. 

I did not find any of the penguin pieces I wanted that year. In 2020, I lucky got the tote, in 2021, I got the leather clutch bag.

The one I desperately wanted was the crystal covered clutch. This bag was worn by Maisie Williams to an awards show in 2016 and it is a sought after bag. After countless enquiries to various corners of the internet, I could.

Thankfully the damage was just missing crystals everything else was fine!

I sat for just over two hours applying the replacement stones, there were a lot of individual stones missing and then full bald spots.

After several hours and different search terms I found it damaged on eBay. It was in Japan! I was tracking his delivery all weekend.

I ordered the relevant glue and replacement crystals to fix the damage to the bag. I have replaced the missing crystals and given the bag a new lease of life

Now he's as good as new!

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