A little home DIY

I have been working on bits and pieces for our house for when the extension is finished. I have done two cabinets, cushions and I am currently working on a chair. I wanted to share with you a lovely key cabinet I did a few months back.

I found it in Homesense. It was down to £9.00, the back was warped and the paint was chipped and damaged. I had to sand it back to even the doors so it would close smoothly. I sanded back the paint to even out the chips and painted thick emulsion paint over the top to repair the colour.

I left this to dry over night and sanded it again with p180 grain sandpaper, this was to give a fine finish so it didn't look to over worked.

to give it a contrast, I painted the inside with a copper coloured paint. I initially did this first and painted all sides of the wooden bars and  it looked too much. I touched up the white paint and went over some of the copper. It made it feel fresher and less overwhelming.

I quite like the faded feel and the freshness of the restored paint. I love the contrast of the copper, it gives warmth and a different feel to the piece.

The cabinet is 2 ft high and 1 ft wide and about 3 inches deep. I love it :)

Here are some pictures to share. the front, inside and front again. I have used standard house emulsion paint in brilliant white and acrylic in copper.

 I sanded it inside, to give an old faded feel.
 close up of the hooks and copper paint.

The inside of the doors had poorly applied paint, so they needed sanding to even out the surface, I went a little further to give a vintage feel.

 I worked on the sides and the back, clearing up damage, repairing the paint and brightening it up generally. its again been deliberately sanded to look older.

The end result is a lovely and simple cabinet that is pretty, practical and fun!

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