My latest vintage dress

It's been a while since I last wrote. I've been helping my husband with the house and its been a very busy six months or so.  Currently I'm unwell with a bad back.  I digress! 

I bought this beautiful wounded bird from a fantastic ebay seller.  I bought a dress from her last year and I fell in love with the rose print on this dress. 
The under arms were shredded and it was coming apart in various places. 

I have got after photos to start with and before below photos. I paid £10 with free postage. 
I have reinforced the under arms with excess material taken from the inside hem if the dress and I've sewn it to match previous repairs. 

I have used iron on mender stitched in place and then sealed with heat. 
I've repaired the skirt as well. 
I sewed the popper back on it was luckily still attached! 
I took off the mismatched buttons and added off white ribbon to tidy up the edges. 
I added a button in the same orange as the rose print. 

You can by vintage from the hootingowlboutique on eBay

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