Blogging and its challenges

Back in 2011, when I first started this blog, I avidly sat and wrote and read as much as I could.

I started using twitter and trying to build an audience and interact with those of similar interests.

I remember the early days of blogging. The outfits, the easy to relate to content.

Simple outfit posts, easy to follow trends, Penmark was a great place to shop.

As its slowly changed in have had less to do with the world of it.

Everyone was friendly and it was a great community to be apart of.

In 2014, me and my husband started renovation on our home, slowly I started blogging less and trying to focus on my life.

It was part the house, but a big part of the problem was I fell out of love with blogging.

It's become about outdoing each other, designer bags, vlogging.

People having similar content or just ripping each other off.

I have great respect for those who do it for a living and to the lovely bloggers I follow.

I don't do this for followers, money or recognition but because I love to write.

Recently ice seen those who yearn for the simplicity of a few years ago.

I like how things have changed as the community is strong and sticking together.

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