Not so new bag.

I bought this bag several years ago, it arrived a horrible pale camel colour. I pretty much hated it on sight.

I learned how to dye leather and about two years ago, I decided to try it out on the bag.

Over three hours, I layered dylon leather dye in navy and black.

I ended up with a grey based navy. I really liked the colour but still, I wasn't in love with the bag.

I remember seeing a blog from ReeRee Rockette at blog post. She had covered a camera case in temporary tattoos.

I honestly loved the idea. I knew that I wanted roses. Here's the annoying part every time I looked I couldn't find what I wanted.

So last week. I had a casual look on eBay and finally found what I was looking for!

I carefully applied all of the tattoos and now I have a bag I love.
Finally I have started wearing navy, and enjoying the colour.

I have sealed them using Dr Martin wonderbalm and neutral leather shoe polish.

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