Topshop bag review


It's been a long time since I last wrote a post.

Life has been ridiculously busy and I have been focusing on that.

I wanted to share a post about a recent purchase or two.

I was given a topshop gift card for Christmas. I spent ages trying to find something that I really liked.

I must admit, it was hard to find  anything.
I finally found
I was excited to receive the bag, but that was short lived. The bag turned up damaged, the hardware was scratched, there was glue on the front fabric panel and the front seam was poorly finished with glue smeared on the leather.

I took it back and ordered it again. The replacement should have been delivered that Frday but due to a technical issue, it arrived this week instead.

The people in store were lovely and they did everything they could to help me.

I am not impressed that the Custom Services Department tried to blame the store for the delivery issue, when I was trying to find out what was going on.

The replacement bag has issues as well, but I decided to keep it.

It's in better condition than the original but the hardwear was chipped.

I'm disappointed with the overall  quality of the item, recently some of the Topshop products have been awful. I have done a vlog on the issue.

 Front and back.

 The closure and front pocket.
I was disappointed because the hardware was chipped and the fabric is already coming away after being used for two days!

I would never have paid the original £49.00 price.

The bag had so much potential but it hasn't lived up to my expectations.

I can live with flaws and cosmetic issues but poor production quality is a no. Considering,  that most of my bag collection is made up of vintage and second hand Topshop items I see flaws all the time.

This is the first bag from them that I have ever been disappointed with.

I hoph that they improve going forward.

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