Hello and welcome to February!

2020, so far so good.

This space has not been used for a long time. I have had a lot going on in the past few years and I have taken a significant step back from my online life.

When I started Blue Glitter I was obsessed with shopping, I was always shopping sale rails and trying to find a bar. Often I bought things that I didn't 100% love, not to fit in with trends but just to buy it. There was no real joy in what I was doing and it was more for the sake of it than because I needed stuff.

I've never gotten into financial trouble and I'm sensible with shopping. However, I got fed up with hating everything I had.

I've been doing a lot of soul searching in the past two years, I wanted more from my life in all quaters.

A lot of small steps have led to massive changes! (I won't bore you with everything that has happened) I still enjoy shopping but I'm far more thoughtful and considered about what and why I may want something.

I've always liked charity shops, ebay and second hand shopping in general. I've stepped away from the high street in a big way. However, the source of the item is no good if you buy it and don't use it.

I'm 2019, I made myself a mission. I was going to clear out and declutter my life on all fronts. It has been hard but it was worth all of the tough times to get here.

Due to medical issues I had gained weight and slowly worked to lose it, the result is my wardrobe didn't fit anymore in 2018. I had beautiful things just hanging unworn. I worked hard to get back to my regular routine.

Once I got back to my regular weight I went through my wardrobe and I was ruthless! I had a half dozen clear outs last year and I sold, donated or gave away 50% of my clothes, bags and shoes!

I have bought new to me pieces to replace some pieces that were given away because they were no longer my thing.

In 2018, I got on a health kick and I still regularly go to the gym every week and I really enjoy it. My health in general is improving and I hope by next year I will be loads better!

I have started a YouTube channel, I've been working on projects doing things I love and I'm trying to be greener in the way I consume and live my life.

I've been investing in better quality items in my bag collection after selling and donating so many due to health issues and changing tastes. I have invested in some beautiful bags I will have for many years to come. I now have a wardrobe that I love, I don't look at it and feel like I have nothing to wear.
My shopping has decreased significantly and I have spent more time with my loved ones so I am present and not just on my phone.

For 2020 I want to continue with where I am heading in life. I will be posting here more frequently.

Plans for the blog
Shopping tips for scoring great second hand goods.
Ebay selling and shopping.
My designer handbags.
Leather and suede care.

Thanks and I will post again soon ♥

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